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China Day 2012

China Day 

We had a fantastic day learning all about the country China. All of the Chinese costumes were amazing and we had lots of fun learning Chinese dances, tasting Chinese food, enjoying Chinese music and making Chinese crafts.
Picture 1 Ribbon Dancing
Picture 2 Chinese Music
Picture 3 Chinese Dragon
Picture 4 Food tasting
Picture 5 Chinese lantern
Picture 6 Beautiful costumes
Picture 7 Ribbon Dance demonstration
Picture 8 Food tasting
Picture 9 Ribbon dancing
Picture 10 Willow pattern designing
Picture 11 Chinese lantern making
Picture 12 Willow pattern plate designing
Picture 13 Ribbon dancing
Picture 14 Ready to dance!
Picture 15 Ribbon dancing
Picture 16 Chinese Artefacts
Picture 17 Chinese Lanterns
Picture 18 Chinese Lanterns
Picture 19 Chinese Lanterns
Picture 20 Willow Pattern Plates
Picture 21 Willow Pattern Plates
Picture 22 Willow Pattern Plates
Picture 23 Chinese Fan Dancing