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Mr Rich, Mrs Cripps and Mrs Young

This Autumn Term, our topic is...

World War 2!






Autumn Term Topic Web - World War 2

Autumn Term Topic Web - World War 2 1

A Midsummer Night's Dream

We made bags for life from old t-shirts!



This week in Green Class we have been doing talk for writing of The Papaya That Spoke.  

In maths we have been understanding place value and I got past mastery!

In P.E we have been doing multi task skills but half way through I had to go to the orthodontist to get a brace put in. (not a fixed brace, a clip-in one).

By George.


green class blog

hi, today not  a lot of people will be blogging so I will carry on. at 1:oo today we did quiet reading. I was reading "Matilda" and my favourite bit was" Mrs T fainted with horror".  I like reading because I find it fun.

In half term my friend came to stay and we went bowling. We had 1 game and guess who won? baby brother , well sort of. my dad got a strike, I got a strike and my friend got one so he won. Now  That is that!


By :Elijah                            I LOVE it.

Stourhead Trip Letter

Walk Through Mere To St Michael's Church And Castle Hill

Nonsense Poems!

Still image for this video

Nonsense Poems!

Still image for this video

Painting Landscapes In Watercolour with Laura Rich!

Our Amazing Animal Non-fiction Information Pages

23.05.16  Ellen   GREEN CLASS MERE SCHOOL!

The Greeniest Blog Ever!       


It’s me Ellen. I'm talking about P.E. I paired with Charlie.

We were doing a routine of cart wheels, jumps and more - it was so fun. Minus the boy I would have been lost in the routine. He was awesome at cartwheels, cool at rolls and outstanding at jumps, even better than me.

Grace could do a back flip. I've got to go.

Bye !

By Ellen.


GREEN CLASS BLOG!                                                                                                                                                   23.5.16

In English, we have been doing nonsense poems. My nonsense poem is about a Bizalope who parts the spiders and grass hoppers from eating each other.

In maths we have been plotting co-ordinates. In PE we put together a sequence of all then we have been doing this term.

Over and out, by George (who is the best)!



Green Class Blog


Today in P.E I was with a boy and a girl! This is an outrage. Girls sing and dance, quite boring. Boys are amazing and girls are...kind of amazing. We were jumping, doing cart wheels and doing things on the benches.                                          

By Elijah





This term, we have been writing information texts about our favourite animal. My favourite animal is a pangolin. A pangolin is a bit like an armadillo.

 In maths we have been learning how to find an area of different shapes.

In PE we have been learning gymnastics, I can sort of do a cartwheel and a headstand! (well I can already do a headstand).

At the moment, my favourite word is BREAKFAST!!!

So bye-bye, have fun reading in future!

By George.



The  Greeniest  Blog  Ever!!!!!!!!!!  

Hi, it's me. Don't you remember me? I'm Ellen durhhhhhhhh. So today I'm learning about seahorses. I'm going to tell you some things about them. So let’s get to it people! They eat krill they live in water and their males only get pregnant. How do you like it so far? OK then do you want me to carry on? I thought so arrr I'm a bit tired. Bye! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

By Ellen.



Green Class Blog

Today in PE we were doing a sequence using gymnastics. 

 I was cart wheeling, doing roly-poly's and head stands. It was so fun! Lilly was walking on her hands( that's cool!)

By Elijah.

GREEN CLASS BLOG!!!                                                                                                                            09.05.16

Hi my name is George and I'm in Green Class and today we are going to be talking about what we have been doing this term.

In Maths we have been doing fractions of amounts and today we were colouring in some fraction walls.

In English, we have been doing information texts about our favourite animals. My favourite animal is a pangolin and their tongue is as long as their body!

In Geography, we have been locating places on a map but my house was not on there!

In DT, we have been making paper mache animals. At the moment my favourite word is ‘Shpain!’

By George!!!



Green Class Blog


Today in Geography we found places in Mere. Most people could find their house but I couldn't because I don't live in Mere. I live by Longleat but lets talk about Geography. I found the School, the Angle Corner and a lot of houses. After Geography I added detail to my tin animal. After  that I went on the iPads and looked at some questions like "are aliens real?"

by Elijah Peach             

PS my best word is 'lemonnn...'


The  Greeniest  blog ever  


Hello, remember me? I'm  Ellen and I've been busy!

So, today I'm talking about seahorses. So, here's a fact or two for you. Seahorse men ,not the women, get pregnant .Recently scientists have recorded seahorses speed as 0.001(006 miles). The shrill on a seahorses head is called a coronet and it is golden but is capable of changing colour. Awesome  right ?

As you can see seahorses are and always will be my favourite animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have you ever seen an advert  of  Travelodge .Well it is NOT !travelodgical. I have to say bye (bye!). I'm joking it is travelodgeical!!!!!!!!!DUUUUUR.


25.04.16                                                  GREEN CLASS BLOG!!!

Hi, my name is George and my class, Green Class, have been leaning about habitats of different animals.

Meanwhile, in English we have been learning the story of ‘The Tin Forest,’ which is about an old man who lives in a pile of tin and makes a forest out of it.

In Maths we have been telling the time and reading time tables (which will be helpful in Gillingham School). In Geography we have been looking at the map of the UK and the counties inside it. At the moment, my favourite word is "plunge." Try saying that yourself very slowly... Over and out!

By George.         


Hi, my name is Elijah and I am from Green Class.

I'm going to write a blog now ok? Well it has to be because you clicked on to this!  

When I was on the laptops today (not now!), I tried to turn on the laptop so I started to talk to it and it sounded a little bit like this "I AM THE WIZARD OF OZ...OPEN UP!" Nothing happened so I shouted “LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION” (pressing the on button) it worked!!!  I'm a genius.  At the moment my favourite phrase is " good bye have a beautiful time!"

By Elijah.

The Tin Forest

The Tin Forest 1

In our English lessons we have been reading a text called The Tin Forest by an author called Helen Ward. This is a lovely environmental story about an old man who collects all of the rubbish that people throw away and makes animals and trees from it. We have been using Talk For Writing skills to learn the text with actions...




The Tin Forest Talk For Writing (an excerpt)

Still image for this video

The Talk For Writing Washing Line!

The Talk For Writing Washing Line! 1

Summer Term 2016 Topic Web

Summer Term 2016 Topic Web 1

During the Spring Term, our topic was Ancient Egypt!

Scroll down for photos of what we did!

Egyptian Holiday Adverts

Still image for this video

Egyptian Holiday Adverts

Still image for this video

Green Class Blog 29.02.16

Today in Green Class we did history and we learned about Tutankhamun. My work got shown on the visualiser because I had bullet points and I had organised my notes very well. We had to write facts and then draw King Tut and mine was terrible - it looked like a donkey!

In maths we solved fractions word problems and I was sat next to Lucy. She's actually part of my family. The questions were really easy. I went from 1 dot to 2 dot in the same lesson! Once Ellen had a good question in one of our Wonderwall sessions and it was 'Why is maths so fun?' Jack said, 'because numbers are fun.'

At the moment I'm reading a really good book called Beast Quest Seppron.

The other day the whole class drew pyramids with chalk pastels.  

We learned about canopic jars last week and Mr Rich said that they put the organs in them. We made Canopic  jars out of clay. I put a Easter bunny on the lid. It was tricky because the clay kept on drying up. At the moment they’re in the kiln.

By Ona.

Egyptian Death Masks

Egyptian Death Masks 1
Egyptian Death Masks 2

What a term of learning!
This term so far, we have written incredible suspense stories using Talk For Writing, written brilliant mummification instructions and 'If I Were An Egyptian' poems, created chalk pastel pyramid pictures, written our names in hieroglyphics, cooked Egyptian flatbread and made Egyptian death masks (with some help from Wiltshire Scrapstore!)

More photos to follow soon.

Let's get ready for another term of learning about those Awesome Egyptians!

Mr Rich

Egyptian Flatbread

Wiltshire Scrapstore Visit - Making Death Masks!

Ancient Egypt Topic Web Spring 2016

Ancient Egypt Topic Web Spring 2016 1

Ancient Egypt Topic Web Spring 2016

Ona's blog 22.2.16

At school today we learned about Howard Carter who discovered King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Then we watched a History video which was about Howard Carter and we learnt lots of stuff.  I was sat next to Grace for lunch. She's my best friend. For luch it was sausage rolls and beans and chips I ate it all up because it was delicious. Grace had seconds on her lunch. She must have been hungry I mean really hungry. At break time, me, Grace  and Lilly went in the courts and i wanted to play the football match but my friends didn't want to so we had to play the mini football match and it was fun.


Green Class Blog 8.2.16 Monday 2016

Today in Green class, three people were selected from each class to do painting with Mrs Loxton and I was selected. We painted gardens and she said I was the best at blending in! Before we painted, we did an art quiz and I answered all nine questions correctly. Then we went back to class and everyone was plugging in the laptops. After that, we read a story called ‘Holiday’ and I enjoyed it.

Today in maths we measured everyone in the class and we wrote how many centimetres they were and metres and I was 1.43m high. In guided reading today I did spelling practice which is boring but we have to do it. We had to do two guided reading sessions and I did comprehension task and I got to question nine.

By Ona

Green class Monday 01.02.16  2016


This week in Green Class we did division facts and I did 13 and Lilly even got hers shown on the visualiser. Mr Rich said my work was really good.

This afternoon we drew steps of how to make a pyramid and Archie had detail and I think it was  good.

Today we wrote instructions how to mummify a body and also on Friday I did extra work because I chose to write more information but my teacher said it was really good. 

In art with Mrs Williamson we made 3D pyramids. After that, we drew pyramids in our art books and we made them 3D.

By Ona  

Green Class Blog Monday 25th  January 25.01.16

Green Class have been learning about pyramids. Today we did diagrams of what is inside of pyramids. In our classroom there's a gigantic mummy (which is sort of freaky) and there's canopic jars and masks inside it.

Also in Green Class we have been doing instructions and this morning we wrote instructions for how to make jam sandwiches and Mr Rich said when we have washed our hands we can eat our yummy sandwiches!   

By Ona

Green Class Blog – November 2015


On Wednesday 4th November, Green Class went on a trip to Nothe Fort. We had to dress up as World War II evacuees, with gas mask boxes, identity cards and name labels. The coach journey there was 2 hours long.

When we got there, we gathered all of our things into little boxes. Then we watched a DVD all about World War II. After that we did some activities. First, we went into a 1940s school and the teacher was really strict! We had to sit up straight and only talk if we were spoken to, with no elbows on the table! We did some writing with proper 1940s fountain pens and pots of ink.

Next, we went into the old shop. Matthew and Ona were the shop keepers. In the shop we had to speak to the shopkeepers and ration our food. Then we went into the washing room and Mrs Mop had to use the dolly tub to wash the stains off the clothes. The dolly tub was used to heat up water and Mrs Mop had a stick with three sticks on the end. She had to dump the washing into the tub, twist and then do this lots of times.

We had lunch after the washing room.

After lunch, we learnt more about WWII and there was a big model of a bomb that had just hit a house. When we were going out, we went through a ghost tunnel and it was scary!

After that, we had a proper air raid and there was a real siren! There was an Anderson Shelter that we had to go in and the 1940s teacher threw stones onto the roof of the shelter to sound like bombs. It was ear-splitting!

Finally, we used stirrup pumps to squirt water out of the hose pipe and we had to squirt out a cardboard fire.

I really enjoyed the trip!

By George

Read our exciting Blitz adventure stories

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Fantastic Blitz Inspired Art

World War 2 Artefact Show and Tell

Working with a visiting poet during the Mere Literary Festival

The 99 names of Allah

The 99 names of Allah 1

Green Class Blog

In Green Class we are going to see some World War 2 stuff at a trip and we have to dress up in World War 2 clothes. Our topic is about World War 2.

In tennis club we have been doing some games like the prison dodge ball.

At swimming we have all improved and we are going to stop in February.

By Finn


At table tennis club, Mr Deeker and Mr Tavendale have been showing us how to play table tennis. We might become champions one day as we are playing CHAMPION PLAYERS!


At swimming, we have definitely improved!

By George

Green Class Blog October 2015

At swimming, We have definitely improved. I know I have improved because I have moved up from the bottom group to the middle group. We have been learning front crawl and back stroke, shredding water and how to get in safely. When I move up to the top group we will learn how to do breast stroke and butterfly. My swimming teacher is ... Mr Rich!


At the moment we are learning about

World War 2 and after this half term we will be going on a class trip!


By George


I got my pen on 6.10.15 and I was so excited because I could use it in English and  for my ten minute task in the morning.

This week I have been having  hot dinners, so if you have a packed lunch say to your mum or dad "please can I have hot dinners " and you get pudding.

In our World War 2 topic we are writing newspaper articles. So far we have done Neville Chamberlain announces war and the air raid and we are reading Big Tom.


By Finn

Green Class Blog October 20th 2015

This week in Green Class it is music week.

On Monday we had a musician called Mr Crump who could play a variety of instruments including his own inventions including the bog horn and many others. I have mentioned the bog horn because it was funny and also very interesting because  it was made out of a toilet.

On Tuesday we made instruments out of junk. Fraser made drums out of 2 pots some beads  and string. Others  made guitars and trumpets.


By Rory


In Green Class we have been writing lots of newspaper articles about World War two.

When we go on our  trip we have to dress up in World War two clothes. I've got my clothes all ready.

At Christmas Mrs. Taylor is leaving and it's very sad.


By Finn