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Our exciting topic for the summer term is

'Around The World And Home Again!'


Read on to find out all about our learning...


Summer Term Topic Web

Summer Term Topic Web 1

Green Class Weekly Timetable

As part of our learning this term about living things and their habitats, we made minibeast board games. We had to make sure that we included some problems that minibeasts face in their everyday lives and some solutions to those problems. The games had to be simple, fun to play and include a set of instructions. It was great fun!

Sharing Pencelli Powerpoints With Year 5!

Parent Open Afternoon

A Midsummer Night's Dream - drama sessions!

Clock Tower Pictures In The Quiet Area!

Following our trip to St Michael's Church in Mere, we were inspired to create our own stained-glass window for our classroom. We all made a section of the window by using tissue an sugar paper and a plastic laminate and creating a piece based on what was important to us. We then put all of the designs together to create the window.

Clock Tower Artwork Competition

Visit to St Michael's Church, Castle Hill and the Clock Tower

Landscape Sketching On The School Field

Screen Printing Based On Hokusai's Great Wave Of Kanagawa!

Awesome Egyptians!

Awesome Egyptians! 1

Egyptian Holiday Adverts!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Egyptian Death Masks!

Pyramid Artwork!

Pyramid Artwork! 1
Pyramid Artwork! 2

Science - building circuits!

Science - building circuits! 1
Science - building circuits! 2
Science - building circuits! 3
Science - building circuits! 4

Talk For Writing - Zelda Claw and the Rain Cat

Online Safety Talk with Mr Hopwood!

Online Safety Talk with Mr Hopwood! 1

Soup Tasting And Evaluating!

Filtration Investigation!

Filtration Investigation! 1
Filtration Investigation! 2
Filtration Investigation! 3
Filtration Investigation! 4
Filtration Investigation! 5
Filtration Investigation! 6
Filtration Investigation! 7
How do we turn soily, sandy, salty water into clean water that a soldier could drink?

Filtration Experiment!

We used filter paper, beakers and funnels to filter a solution that included two insoluble solids; sand and water and a liquid - water! We watched carefully to see what happened and then we drew scientific diagrams to help us to explain what happened. We also talked about real-life activities that involve filtration, such as cooking, making hot drinks and fishing with nets.

Helicopter Lands At Mere School!

Still image for this video

World War 2 Research!

On Thursday afternoon we used the iPads to order the main events of World War 2, adding extra information that Green Class were very keen to find using the Safari app and the BBC Primary History website.

WWII Talk For Writing - Drama Session

Green Class have been learning a Talk For Writing text called 'Karim, Time Traveller,' about a boy who finds an old WW2 bomb and travels back in time to the days of The Blitz. We have learnt the story so well that we have created freeze-framed images, comic strips and storymaps of it. We are currently writing our own historical stories, based on the idea of a child from 2017 time travelling to another period of history. As well as WW2 adventures, we have seen Tudor, stone age and dinosaur stories! What a very creative class!

Science - solids, liquids and gases!

Science - solids, liquids and gases! 1
Science - solids, liquids and gases! 2
As part of our first Science lesson, we went outside to the quiet area to learn about how particles behave in solids, liquids and gases...
We have started our World War 2 artwork, based on The Blitz. We have painted our skies, mixing blue, yellow and red paint to make the many different colours that lit up the skies in 1940 during The Blitz. We will finish our pictures by adding silhouettes of the buildings and the planes, cut out of black sugar paper, and chalked-in searchlights.

World War 2 Artefacts!

On Monday 25th September we spent the afternoon looking at the WW2 artefacts that we are lucky to have in the classroom. These include some objects that the children have brought in from home, alongside resources from the Wiltshire Library Service and some that are owned by the school. Green Class had a great time exploring them and using them to think about how the war affected peoples' daily lives...

Fast Maths!

I have set the whole of Green Class the challenge of learning all of their times tables to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4.

The way that we are practising and learning times tables is called Fast Maths, where the children are timed for 2 minutes to answer as many randomised times tables questions as they can from a given card. The times table that your child is currently learning is one that they showed me that they didn't know in our times table assessment (done in early September).

Your child will then work through the times tables in the order; 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 8, 6, 9, 7, 11, 12. Anything that you can do each day to support your child to learn their times tables facts (multiplication and division) is greatly appreciated!

smiley Mr Rich.

WW2 Homework - Artefacts From Home!

Green Class have brought in some wonderful artefacts as part of their WW2 home learning. We have seen messages sent to children in 1946  from King George VI, WW2 army bandages made in 1942, baby photos of grandfathers, blackout posters, Horrible Histories magazine gifts, wedding photos and even a real Nazi book which was stolen from behind enemy lines! Amazing! 

Mr Chris Reeves - Our Visiting WW2 Expert!

Mr Chris Reeves - Our Visiting WW2 Expert! 1
Mr Chris Reeves - Our Visiting WW2 Expert! 2
Mr Chris Reeves - Our Visiting WW2 Expert! 3
Mr Chris Reeves - Our Visiting WW2 Expert! 4
Mr Chris Reeves - Our Visiting WW2 Expert! 5
Mr Chris Reeves - Our Visiting WW2 Expert! 6

On Monday 2nd October, Green Class had the pleasure of a visit from Mr Chris Reeves (Tallulah's granddad) who spoke the class about life in Kilmington during World War 2. Mr Reeves spoke brilliantly to the children about village life during the war; how people were safer in the countryside and had more food from the farms, such as more vegetables, apples, eggs, beef and chicken. He showed letters from his family in Weymouth that told the children about the bombing that happened there, and how the people hid under blackberry bushes and in garden sheds. Lastly, Mr Reeves talked about two aircraft that crashed in the area, a German Junker (November 1943) and an American Dakota (February 1945). He had even brought in a door from the German plane, that was wonderful for the children to see.

Green Class learnt a huge amount from Mr Reeves and we would like to publicly thank him for taking the time to come in and speak to the class.

smiley Mr Rich.

World War 2 Survivors Visit Green Class!

Super Science! Dissolving Materials...