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Welcome to Purple Class Page

Well  done everyone 

you've made it to the end of Year 6.

Thank you for all our wonderful gifts!

Enjoy your summer and good luck at secondary school.














Scone making in Purple

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Our wonderful scenery-Sleeping Beauty

Our wonderful scenery-Sleeping Beauty 1

Cranborne visit 2016

Cranborne visit 2016 1
Cranborne visit 2016 2
Cranborne visit 2016 3
Cranborne visit 2016 4
Cranborne visit 2016 5
Cranborne visit 2016 6
Cranborne visit 2016 7
Cranborne visit 2016 8
Cranborne visit 2016 9
Cranborne visit 2016 10
Cranborne visit 2016 11
Cranborne visit 2016 12
Cranborne visit 2016 13
Cranborne visit 2016 14
Cranborne visit 2016 15
Cranborne visit 2016 16
Cranborne visit 2016 17
Cranborne visit 2016 18
Cranborne visit 2016 19
Cranborne visit 2016 20
Cranborne visit 2016 21
Cranborne visit 2016 22
Cranborne visit 2016 23
Cranborne visit 2016 24


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Scenes of Mere

Urban Gymnastics

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End of SATS celebration dance

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Mere Walk

Mere Walk 1
Mere Walk 2
Mere Walk 3
Mere Walk 4
Mere Walk 5
Mere Walk 6
Mere Walk 7
Mere Walk 8
Mere Walk 9
Mere Walk 10
Mere Walk 11
Mere Walk 12
Mere Walk 13
Mere Walk 14
Mere Walk 15


Purple Class Blog!

Hi ,how are you all? This week there is lots of sports going on: cricket and athletics(if the weathers good). But I'm not going to any of them which is fine by me.;) While the cricketers and athletic people are off doing there sporty things the people who are not going get to make scones and start their individual projects alone or in twos. I'm making plain scones with Romilly and I don't know what I'm doing for my project!I didn't really know what to write about so there you go!




Purple Class Blog

Hi it is Ollie. Last week purple went to Cranborne Estate. I have written a poem about it...

This is the day,

The day that we play,

On a farm that is not far away,

Where we learn about machinery,

And what they do day after day,

They pray away for good weather,

Which they hope comes every single day,

They work until late,

This is the place which is called Cranborne Estate.


Anyway, that is all from me... gooooooooooooooooood bye!

By Ollie.



Purple Class Blog

Hello Jack here and this week we will be talking about sports. Personally I really like lot`s of different sports so this is perfect for me. Anyway, this week we have three tournaments: girl’s Kwik Cricket, boy’s Kwik Cricket and athletics. Bye the way I`m in all of them (except for girl’s Kwik Cricket because quite clearly I`m not a girl) so I`m really happy :-). Anyway in the Kwik Cricket tournament there is an A team and a B team (I`m in the A team:-) ) and a lot of rules: it`s played in pairs and if you`re out then you lose 5 runs instead of going out. There isn`t lbw`s unless it`s completely deliberate. You can be caught, run out bowled out or hit you own wicket. If a wide/no ball is bowled then the team that is batting gets 2 runs. Two teams will go through and that is basically it.

Now onto Area Athletics. There are lots of events and I am reserve for the 600 metre`s which means if one of the other two competitors from my school are injured or don`t even turn up then I will race! But I`m going anyway.

So I think that`s enough for now so It`s bye from me!                  

By Jack D


Purple Class Blog

EGG REPORT: 9 dead eggs. So you can tell it is going quite well (no sarcasm at all). But mine is still alive (touch wood). Mine looks quite weird but its alive. Just now someone's egg just broke into thousands of pieces with yoke all over the floor. Only four days to go!!

That's all from Ollie GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD bye:)      



Purple Class   

EGG REPORT: 9 eggs down so far! 24 left. I wonder who will win or if they'll be more than 1 winner???The prize is £10 but if there is more than one winner they'll have to divide it between themselves. Luckily, mine is still alive!


I just love my egg friend (Evie). Yeah that's right I love her. She is the coolest awesomest craziest cleverest EGG friend anyone could have so go read her blog right now its better than mine because I'm just talking about eggs, plain old eggs, just eggs.

Thanks for reading I know its nonsense but that's the way I role!

PS I eat eggs!

By Carly!



Purple Class Blog

Hi, Jack here and today`s blog is going to be mad. By the way I must apologise because I said last week that year 5 were going to Pencelli in 2 weeks time but they have actually set off today. Anyway that`s what I`m going to be talking about today.

So on the first day you always get onto the bus (bit obvious really as Pencelli is in Wales) and on the journey there`s always something funny (Charlie`s singing last year (HA!HA!HA!)). When you get there your first thing is you go on a walk up all the wet stuff. Oh! I got the wrong thing there, you actually get your rooms ready and before that you find out who`s in your room so I literarily can`t remember anything but anyway your also split into groups.

Right, I need to breathe now... ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Right let`s get on with this and carry on. Personally my favourite activity was rock climbing. Me and someone else (SEE I can`t remember anything!) had a race and he/I(This is just getting annoying!) got so close but when we got to the top he/I (RIGHT THAT`S IT!!!!!) was really slow getting down and he/I won and he/I(if I do that one more time I`m going to smash my hand on the wall. Anyway he/... oh that was close! anyway how about let`s just stop that and talk about Pencelli next time.

Anyway this week us year 6`s have the egg challenge as well and 9 people have gone already and by the way the prize pot is £10 so I want to get through this. I will give you an update on Eric next week (Eric`s my egg).

Anyway that`s enough for this week so it`s bye for now!

By Jack.

Purple Class Blog

Hi it is Ollie, the dreaded SATs are over HOORAY!!But sadly now the year 2s have to do them too.

Anyway over to some fun things. Today we learnt that we have to look after an egg. We have to take it home every day and bring it back to school the next day. Also we have to make a little protective house for it.

Now I shall we go on to some exciting TRIPS! I know I said TRIPS. This term we are going on 3 trips, yes I did say 3! We are going on a trip to Cranborne Estate, Devizes and the Brush factory so no worries Purple we still have some fun things to look forward to. So that is all from me gooooooood bye!

By Oliver



Purple Class Blog

FINALLY! SATS are officially over!!!!! Right, moving on! No one say ANYTHING about SATS again!

So as we've just finished SATS. Mrs Loxton promised that she would tell us what our leavers play was (4 months left at Mere school!) and guess what it is.....(drum roll please) it’s called…Sleeping Beauty: The Ugly Truth. There's a character called Hugo Boss (get it? yeah I know not funny but you get it) and oh nip & tuck!!!!(he he).

Also, we are doing a project about eggs and pretending how they're our babies (a bit weird but yeah it will be fun) and also we have to take them everywhere and yes I mean EVERYWHERE! Even to the toilet!! We have to make them a special home (card board box) and that's where they stay in and take them in!

Today we've been doing inspired water colour paintings by LS Lowry. There are some pictures of some of our water-colour paintings below (not all of them are finished).

Just a little fact about me to finish off - I absolutely love my Nanny's flap jack – it’s the BEST!




Purple Class Blog

Hi, Jack here and I`m back. I was out last week but I`m here now. Anyway last week was mad for one big reason. It was SATS week! But now it`s all over and I have a poem to share…

‘All things bright and beautiful, no SATS for us at all, except for the yeeaarr 2s who still have to-do them alllllll.’

Anyway this week you`d think that we`ve got nothing left but we still have to do lots of work. For example we still have homework and we also have the "look after an egg" challenge (in two weeks time!).

Now I`m going to go back in time because the year 5 s are going to Pencelli next week, oh the dread of last year when our class went there, and there are a few reasons why me (and my friend Archie) will dread Pencelli. Luckily It`s not us going but instead this years year 5 s. Sadly there are no year 5 bloggers which is unfortunate. Now me dreading Pencelli is not me telling you that it`s horrible because for you year 5 readers out there some people loved it but you shouldn`t ask me about Pencelli and there is a lot of reasons why you shouldn`t ask me why.

By the way I really like typing on this computer which is why there is so much typing on this blog. Anyway  I`ve probably done enough for today so it`s goodbye from me, goodbye to the year 5 s who will be leaving very soon and goodbye to the really annoying SATS that everyone hates.

By Jack D.

L.S. Lowry-Inspired Artwork

L.S. Lowry-Inspired Artwork 1
L.S. Lowry-Inspired Artwork 2
L.S. Lowry-Inspired Artwork 3
L.S. Lowry-Inspired Artwork 4

PURPLE CLASS BLOG - 09/05/2016

Ok, I have to apologise to all of you readers, but I am actually too poopalooped to write a proper greeting for my lovely blog today. In fact, I will probably fly up to punch the ceiling and shout 'WHOOPEEDOO' if I do manage to finish this blog... Keep that in mind. Now this paragraph - this horrible, horrible paragraph - is all about (gasp) SATs. Oh, the dreaded SATs... So today we had our first SAT paper out of six papers: an English Reading test with one hour to complete. Let me tell you, it was DRAMATIC, and when I say DRAMATIC, I literally mean DRAMATIC. DRA-MA-TIC. "Ok, calm down, calm down!" I hear you say. Sorry. If I say 'DRAMATIC' one more time then I will slap my wrist. So, the English Reading SAT was probably the hardest test that Purple Class have to do. It was DRA- goodness me, I nearly had to slap my own wrist! So, there are three sections to complete. The first section is the easiest part, then the next two parts get harder as the test goes on. I think I did quite well... Well. Only the person who marks my paper will know that!


So, away from SATs to Science projects! Two Wednesdays ago, Mrs Smith got Purple Class to perform an experiment which was all to do with yeast and the things that it does. We learnt that yeast is a type of fungus and we had to find out what temperature yeast works best with. We had three plastic bottles each and we filled one with cold water, another with warm water and the last with hot water. Then we tipped a spoonful of sugar (Mary Poppins would be proud) and half a pouch of yeast into each bottle. Lastly, we popped a balloon on top and waited to see if the yeast in any of the bottles would give off carbon dioxide (or CO2, if you want to be clever) to blow up the balloon.

I have just tried to fly up to the ceiling to punch it and shout 'WHOOPEEDOO'. I failed to fly, as I do not have wings, but I did jump, punch the air and shout 'WHOOPEEDOO'. Now my throat is sore and I'm even more tired...

Hoping you have a lovely dinner!

By Evie :)




Purple Class Blog

Hi it is Ollie. Horary first test finished! We did the reading test today; our longest test -  1 whole hour!

This was much harder then I expected! I think I copped quite well today but it was very hard compared to our practices.

Tomorrow we have my least favourite test GRAMMAR+SPELLING.

    That it is all from me. Only 5 more to go!!




Purple Class

Phew! The first day of SATS officially over...but still 5 more to go! Today we did the longest test, THE reading test. It lasted for a whole hour which I know isn't that long but to me it felt like FOREVER! The reading test was much harder than I had thought! It was much harder than the practises!

Here is the timetable for SATS this week.




12:00 -1:00


Reading test 1hour.

Practise grammar and arithmetic.

Lap tops-story books for ks1


Grammar test 45 minutes

Spelling test

PE-urban gym


Arithmetic test 30 minutes

Maths reasoning test paper 1 40 minutes

I pads


Last maths test-reasoning and problems

40 minutes

Golden time

Talk about walk-look at production.



Hope you liked my blog! By the way, I like scrambled egg!


PURPLE CLASS BLOG - 25.04.2016

Hi! It's me, Evie. I'm feeling very fresh and new; It's the start of a new term! So this means... NEW blogs, NEW updates and, most importantly, NEW BLOG CLUB MEMBERS! "Why are you still here?" I hear you say. Good question. I'm here because I'm in blog club AGAIN! Yes, yes, thank you, ooh, a bunch of roses on stage... Ok back to reality (sigh). The truth - the horrible truth - is more horrible than you could imagine: there are only TWO WEEKS until we, Year Sixes start our SATs tests (gasp)! And what's more, there are only - let me calculate this a moment - 12 WEEKS UNTIL I DISAPPEAR TO SECONDRY SCHOOL...! Oh the terror... Oh the shame... Oh th- ok, I might be overreacting a tiny bit, but still, it's a scary thought. I am actually pretty excited about moving up to a new school! I'm not fussed at all about my SATs either. Everyone acts as though it's a life changing experience and if you don't pass then you will shrivel up like a rotten tomato and sink into the ground, but there really is not much of a big deal about a SATs test, even if it does assess your knowledge of academic stuff.

My favourite word at the moment is 'plunge'. try saying that to yourself, very slowly...

Over and out!

By Evie.


Purple Class Blog!-2016

Hi i'm Carly and i'm in year 6 and today I'll be blogging about SATs! SATs can be very interesting depending on what mood you’re in; for an example the other day I was just starting the first question in the sats practise math book and when I finished the book the teacher said check if you finished, so I scan-read the book and it turned out that the first question was a subtract and guess what... I added it! The good part of practise SATs(and probably real SATs seeing as we get free tuck when we do our real ones) is when you've worked really hard you sometimes get rewarded with a Haribo! Yum Yum! So my tip is always listen to your teacher!

By Carly!:):)        


25/4/2016                                                        PURPLE CLASS BLOG

Hello, my name is Jack and I am from Purple class.

For most of this term we have been doing SATS papers obviously not real SATS but SATS practice. Once we got a grammar paper with 50 WHOLE QUESTIONS. Most of us were like NO CHANCE but it was actually quite easy (pretty much everyone had help from their partner but we got through it). In a maths paper right at the end we had question which took me and Harry SOOOOOOO long to answer but at the end of the test when I looked at Mac`s working out he`d got the same answer as me but he`d pretty much had one bit of working whilst I`d filled the page (I`ve told myself a million times not to exaggerate :0 )! Right, back to business. SATS is in about two weeks so the pressure is really on us( I`m literally sweating every second I`m school( well not really otherwise the computer would have broken by now!)). Anyway, soon enough we`ll be going to Gill but thats another story so it`s bye for now!

Jack D

spellings year 5 6 list - 25 a week in order - choose 10 to learn

The Queen

Topic web

Topic web 1

Clanger invasion

Clanger invasion  1
Clanger invasion  2


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Purple Class Blog!     7th March 2016

Let us all begin with this afternoon. ‘What is so exciting about this afternoon?!’ I hear you cry... well this afternoon we were doing coding on Scratch. I thought it would be easy and went straight onto Scratch the harder program (ok, ok I forgot that if you needed something easier then you were meant to start on Espresso Coding. Oops) but lets get on. Now remember when I said that it would be easy to manage Scratch, well big mistake! I logged onto Scratch - easy - only needed to put my hand up twice for help from the teacher or one of the child in the class. Then I made a sprite (an object of some sort or a person) piece of cake (smiley face!) Then, disaster upon disaster were lavished upon me. My first one involved me getting stuck and me not knowing how to make my sprite move. I had to put my hand up. Someone came over and sorted me out. Then I got stuck again and this time , I didn't how  to make my sprite turn and by the end of the lesson I still wasn't sure on how to make sprite turn! My next mistake was very complex and that was... something rather similar to my last mistake. Du, du duuuun! Skip a few other incidents that led to putting up my hand and we are getting close to the end of the lesson and then a double disaster occurred. I didn't know how to make my sprite jump as this was completely necessary for my highly-changed game! So guess what? I did put my hand up. I was OK in the end but I am afraid that is time to stop right now so bye for now!

By  Romilly!!!!              


Purple Class Blog


Today in Purple Class we have being doing coding on Scratch. We have been coding using blocks (code blocks ).

I made a  code that made some speakers say "lets turn up the volume!" then make a very (I mean very) loud sound. I would put it on the blog but it would probably break your computer!



In Maths we are doing graphs (like line and bar graphs). We got a booklet which were old SATs papers. If you thought they were to hard you could do a easier one.



In English, we wrote explanations about why aliens have changed colours. I wrote my one about pills which allowed the aliens to change colours at will.

By Archie.    



Great alien and UFO homework year 6 - a few photos of some of your work.

Great alien and UFO homework year 6 - a few photos of some of your work.  1
Great alien and UFO homework year 6 - a few photos of some of your work.  2
Great alien and UFO homework year 6 - a few photos of some of your work.  3
Congratulations to Evie, Jack D and Jasmine on having their art work selected to be in the Black Swan Art Exhibition in Frome. 

World Book Day 2016

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Where is Wanda?

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Mere School SAts talk for parents

Alien Invasion in Purple Class

Purple Class Blog!!!! 29th February!

Well then let us begin with this afternoon, now I know what you are thinking, what is so exciting about this afternoon? Well in the afternoon after reading we made our sock aliens. They sound easy peasy lemon squeezey but no its not. It is easily one of the hardest things that you will do in DT up till the 29th  of February in year 6.

The first mistake that I made was right at the beginning of the make. I took up the fabric scissors and made the first cut and hey presto I went wrong and I ended up with 4 tentacle-like legs. So, and this held me up terribly, I had to cut around all my legs again and then I had to sew then all up as neatly as I could and by that time pretty much everyone else had already moved on to their arms and some were on their ears! I knew that I had to move fast, though we had about an hour left, and in my hustle I pricked myself with the needle about half of a second after Sarah-Jayne (who was sitting next to me pricked her finger and who had yelped in response of her needle incident). My second accident was a smaller and less dramatic accident but who says I can’t make it sound more dramatic then it actually was! The accident was when I was making my alien’s arm and I got so engaged with my sewing that I did an extra stitch and it was just around the corner and there was only maybe 20 to 25 more minuets left! Due to my mistake, I had to cut of the piece of thread that made the stitch! Then I spent  a short but tricky while trying to sew on my already stuffed arm onto my not stuffed body... it didn't work and I had to give in, in the end. Just before we had to pack away I managed to make to ears, or maybe they could be eyes I guess -  I will have to decide tomorrow. But right now it is time to stop so bye for now!

By Romilly!!!!     

Purple Class Blog - 29.02.16

This week in purple class we have being:

9:30 --------scaling up (maths)--------

10:00--------improving our stories--------

1:15-------- MAKING SOCK ALIENS--------


So, let’s start with maths. As it says above, we did scaling up today so a 3cm line times a 6cm line is a 18 cm line (I'm not sure if this is right I wasn't very good at it!)so if you do it short then it would be this ___X___ =____  

Next up was English where all we really did was improve stories so there not to much  to blog about so on to the next lesson 3 2 1 and on we go------------->

Sock aliens! Today we made sock aliens. Here is  a picture...




By Archie



Picture 1

Dance Festival

Still image for this video
Mere school hosted the first Pyramid Dance Festival this week. Here is Purple Class Street Dance that was performed on the day.

Part 2

Still image for this video

Night sky art.

Space work

Space work 1
Space work 2
Space work 3
Space work 4

PURPLE CLASS BLOG – 22-02-2016

Today we started a new, fresh day for the new, fresh term and everything was new and fresh... Except my brain. Let’s time-travel back to when I was writing my last blog - I wrote that my head was about to explode with all the new knowledge being let in. Well unfortunately, that knowledge only temporarily came into my brain for a holiday, for I have mostly forgotten any previous lessons from before half-term. This is not good. I think I may need some Lesson Remembrance Practice... It’s very peculiar how I only forget things to do with school; any memories from when I was younger are still fluently flowing in my brain! Hmm...

I’m standing against my strongest urges to fist pump and shout ‘YESSS’, because the Gillingham Dance Festival is being held right here at Mere School THIS THURSDAY! What’s more, I’ve been chosen to start off the WHOLE DANCE in front of SIX SCHOOLS AND THREE DANCE EXPERTS. You’re probably thinking ‘The silly lunatic can’t stop writing in capitals!’ That’s very true, because I’m partly so excited about the Dance Festival, but I’m also very lazy and can’t be bothered to click the key saying ‘CAPS LOCK’. You’re right – I am a silly lunatic...!

It’s finally come to the time of day when I have to round off my weekly blog. I imagine you’re probably frowning, but only the time-travelling machine knows that.

Hoping that you have something delicious for dinner!


Purple Class Blog!!   February 22nd

On the first Sunday of the holiday it was really and truly my birthday! I was excited for weeks before! One more day and I would have burst!!!! This is how it went...  I woke up in the morning and it was  about 6:00. I was annoyed and went back to sleep until 6:30. I switched off the light and slept till a quarter to 7.  I couldn't wait any longer i yelled as loud as I dare '' ITS MY BIRTHDAY HURRRRRRRAY!''

Then mum dad and my family came in and I got loads of presents! From my eldest brother I got a BEAUTIFUL hair clip! It is gorgeous and I love to wear it! My second eldest brother gave me 2 blue flower hair slides that match and they look FABULOUS!!!! It looks amazing with my hair clip! From my youngest brother I got two whole jars of olives, garlic ones and almond ones (they where delicious but they are all gone now its a shame that they are all gone but never mind.). Have you ever done that - had a jar of something and they are gone before you know it! From my parents I got a real life phone!!!! I have been wanting for one for ages! They also gave me some awesome head phones and a beautiful phone cover and a charger! The full set! We had pancakes for breakfast! One of my favourites! Then everyone came over and I got loads more presents I am so lucky! We had a delicious lunch and vegetarian hot dogs for tea! What a splendid day and one of the best birthdays ever!!!!!!!! I am glad I got to share it with you! Thanks for reading my blog!

by Romilly!                             


Today in purple class we have done a dance class, math and English (we did maths in the afternoon this was very tiring !) in maths we doing more on adding, subtracting and dividing  fractions so for example: ---- 1/3 + 1/4 = 1/7----. 'Xing' was a bit harder here is the method:----1/3 X 4 = 1/12---- .  (!WARNING!: my method may not be right!)

By Archie.

Purple Class Blog Monday 8th February

After a long day of work let us all begin with PE. In PE we have been doing dance and dance is 3 things: exhausting, tiring and a bucket loads of fun! ( well in my opinion it is!) The dance we are doing this week is street dance (my dance of choice I would say) in our dance we did a mix of ballet and street, which we saw in a video ( It actually looked quite nice!) we also  did lots of pops and locks like street dancers do. Now a couple of days after we had got everyone doing what they were supposed to be doing my leg started to grow and it hurt. You probably are thinking this ' she is completely changing the subject humph!' Well listen on and you will find out that I am not.  We all walked in after play time when disaster struck and we were met at the door by jess and she told us to go down to the hall to perform our dances.  I walked up to the hall and, to be honest, once I’d started to dance it actually didn't hurt at all! Oh what can’t dance do! Well it can't do lots of things, but let’s not think of those.  We finished our dance and showed it to the lady who made our choreography. It turned out that at the end it would look good if we all did the same. We haven't done that bit yet but I think that it will look completely amazing! The bit I haven't told you yet butI will now is that whenever the competition time is we are going and we are going to  perform it in front of  hundreds of other people I believe. Eek!

 I am afraid that it is now time for me to go but I will be back next week. Well goodbye from me so bye. Bye now. Goodbye. Yes I said goodbye! OK b- GOODBYE!

By Romilly!

PURPLE CLASS BLOG – 08.02.2016

You know last week I blogged about the fact that Year 6 have had heaps of hard work to get through? I should have touched wood; even more hard work arrived this week!! The week started with many of us having to work through one of the hardest SAT mock tests that I have EVER set eyes upon (bearing in mind that I don’t particularly like to set my eyes upon much maths)! But, after 45 minutes – which seemed like centuries – our teacher told us that our time was up (thank goodness, another five minutes and my head would have blown off in boredom!)

This morning, five lucky children (I sound like a Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!) were given the opportunity to have some of their school artwork entered in the Black Swan Art Competition, located in Frome and the Black Swan Gallery. I, amongst four other children, had to decide on a name for our artwork and whether we were going to sell them or not (most people did, for they were keen on the idea of earning 35% of the price if their work was bought). I decided to enter two pieces of previous work from this year: ‘Evening Birch’ which is a painting of a path leading through a birch forest to an Autumn sunset, and the other painting is called ‘Wolves Over Waves’, which is a scenic silhouette painting of a wolf howling at a full moon on a cliff that has willow trees hanging into the calm waves below.

Well done to the other children who got to show their work at Black Swan Gallery; I hope you all do very well.

Blogger signing out,



In purple class this week, we have being learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We have being given a sheet (I would show you but the pictures weren't workingL. It was a table 3 rows along and 5 rows down some boxes had 1/2 % and 0.5 and by looking at the other boxes we had to work out the missing numbers.  


Ok, the last two weeks in Year 6 have been pretty hectic and, believe it or not, we still have more work to practice on the follow-up to our SATS tests! I think if I work any harder, my brain might overflow; this may result in the unfortunate event of explosion in the classroom... Let’s hope that doesn’t happen! Anyway, in Year 6 we have started to learn about Adventures in Time and Space (“Ooh, how interesting!” I hear you say...)  So far, we have been creating chalk pastel drawings of our impressions on the Solar System (phew, at least there aren’t any hard-working skills involved in drawing!). There was a wide variety of messy, dusty masterpieces. Please don’t mention the colossal mess of rainbow chalk pastel-covered tables, chairs, carpets, even faces...!

Do you like to dance or perform? I do. At the moment, our class is putting together a dance routine to perform at a local Primary Dance Festival (you can imagine how well it’s going...)! Approximately ten schools are going to be competing against us, so there’s quite a competition! Our dance routine is a street dance flash mob to classical music; we’ve tweaked the style to mix and match most people’s taste of music and dance – not everyone’s, otherwise our dance would be like a pantomime of apes and gorillas stampeding across the stage, not to mention a laughing stock! So far, we’ve been putting together small dances in groups. I’ve seen laughing, I’ve seen tears, I’ve seen good, bad and silly dancing (calm down, it’s not a drama series trailer!) but we think our dance is almost ready.

Now comes the bad news... This is the dreaded end of my blog. “Oh noooo!” I hear you cry. Well hopefully I will be here next week to write a little more pleasure for you to read.


Purple Class blog! 1st of February

Well let us all begin with art today,  very messy and not everyone's cup of tea, there was chalk pastel dust everywhere! Literally everywhere! And soon everyone's hands were covered in pink, green, orange, purple, red, blue (light and dark of course)... We were doing space pictures have you ever done those? They sound so easy but don't be fooled they may look easy but they are evil you have to get all of the colours just right or else. Or else what I hear you cry or else they look terrible and all of the colours smudge in exactly the wrong places and directions! Aaaaaaaaah complete disaster! The best bit was that we could let our crazy, wild imaginations run wild. You are probably thinking ‘huh, they don't have crazy imaginations they are year 6 they are supposed to be acting mature and all grown up.’ And how did she know that I hear you yell (or not) I used telepathy I know so cool! Now once again wrong! Some people did pink planets and orange planets and rainbow planets and many more... As they say time flies when you're having fun and guess what it did! Forty five minutes turned into 10 minutes; so soon it was time to get ready to go home. Sad face for end of art and happy face for time to go home, except I didn't go home I came here to Blog Club to write this amazing blog! Speaking of all this home business, I believe that this is a perfect place to end my blog. So with no further ado, tata,  good bye and farewell -  just a good bye now see you next week.   

by Romilly

Archie Blog 1.2.16

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Purple Class blog!!    Monday 25th January

In purple class  in English we have been doing our police reports. In today's lesson we were correcting silly mistakes. For instance once in a spellings test I spelt probably without the L. Have you ever made one of those mistakes, you know, the type that you just kick yourself for doing? Many a time I have (sigh) we were also copying  them up I got through 4 or 5 sheets of paper till I got it right! Can you think of a time when you think that you have misspelt a word,  because  you have not looked very carefully, you go to get another bit of paper and you check your last piece of paper and it is spelt right after all?! At the bottom all the righting got all scrunched up because there wasn't enough room for my huge quantities of writing.(by the end my hands were aching, ouch!!!) Have you ever had cramp in your fingers? well it felt like my fingers were going to cramp up at any moment...oh all right I was overreacting just a bit! ( giggle, giggle!!) So now you have had a taster  of a small chunk of what we have been doing in year 6!

By Romilly

Purple Class Blog 25.01.16

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Purple Class Blog    18th January 2016

In Purple class we have been learning about personification. Personification is where you take something like the sun which can't do things like stroking your cheeks, and the wind can't ruffle your hair.  We  had to then write a poem including personification. That was loads of fun! As well as this  we  had to write a Christmas riddle. For example you tear of my skin,  you love my pretty colours, you tie a ribbon around me what am I? It was rapping paper, did you get it? If  you got it then well done  if you did not then ah well its not the world. Thank you for reading my Blog!

By Romilly!

Purple Class Blog 18.01.16

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Winter Art

Winter Art 1
Winter Art 2
Winter Art 3

Rube Goldberg Machine 1

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Rube Goldberg Machine 2

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Rube Goldberg Machine 3

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Rube Goldberg Machine 4

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Rube Goldberg Machine 5

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Rube Holdberg Machine 6

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Open morning for parents



On Monday 23rd November, Mrs Loxton took the school pottery club to the Walworth & Rich Studios, at the Beaumont Gallery, where Potter, Ed Duckworth, met them to give them a lesson on how to throw a clay pot on a potter's wheel. The eight members of the current pottery club are: Joe (year 3), Rory (year 4), Ellen (year 4), Mariette (year 5), Libby (year 5), Siobhan (year 5), Romilly (year 6) and Evie (year 6), who's mum, Laura, is an artist who shows work in the Beaumont Gallery. Ed Duckworth demonstrated how to make a 'moon jar', which is a type of vase that has a wide, round top. The demonstration pot didn't quite turn out as planned, but it was still a quirky little masterpiece! Everyone had a go at throwing a pot on the wheel and at the end of the lesson, we all gained some tips on making a good clay pot. Mrs Loxton and her pottery club thoroughly enjoyed their visit! if you are interested in any of our school clubs, you can sign up to join the club at the start of next term.

By Evie


Davidson Cup

The Davidson Cup team for the second round match against Semley Primary is; Oliver F, Mitchell, Oakley, Charlie B, Sam, Ben, Shane and Jack D. The match will possibly be played in December, but we are not sure of the exact date.

By Oliver F

PURPLE CLASS BLOG - November 2015



On Wednesday 4th November, a group of Year Sixes took part in a Tag Rugby Tournament. Mrs Schofield, the school's sport leader, took an A team and a B team to compete for a place in the Finals. Both teams had some very tough games! At the end of the first round, the B team had won two games, drawn a game and lost another. The A team had won two games, drawn one and lost the last, which was enough to take them to the Semi-Final match! The game against St. Georges, Bourton, was won! The whole team were delighted to hear that they were already through to the Finals, but they wanted to win. We played St. Gregory's School and drew, four all. Both teams are participating in the North Dorset Rugby Finals on Wednesday 18th November. Well done to Jack Barton, A team captain, and Oliver Forsey, B team captain. Thank you to Mrs Cripps, who helped the B team to second place, and thank you to Mrs Schofield, who encouraged the A team to win!



On Wednesday 11th November, a group of Year Sixes will be competing in the Gillingham Netball Festival. This year we have a very strong team, and we are all sure that we'll do better than we did last year. The children competing for the school are: Evie Rich, Martha Jenkins, Lily Down, Camilla Cripps, Carly Stainer, April Stratton, Mitch Harkin, Oakley Hodge, Theo Wilson and our helpful Year Four, Jack Palmer-Webb, who has stepped into Charlie Bateson's place, as he can't play. There are approximately ten teams taking part in this Netball Festival, all feeder schools for Gillingham School.  We hope to do well in the tournament, and a blog will be posted as soon as possible with the scores of the matches and which place the team came.

By Evie

Picture 1

Viking longships

homework posters

homework posters 1
homework posters 2

Viking homework sheet with web links



Purple Class have been working on a topic about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings this term. Recently, we visited the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre to learn more about our topic. During our visit, we learned tonnes of interesting facts about how Anglo-Saxons and Vikings lived their daily lives. We joined in with some amazing activities! We were taught how to grind wheat grains into flour (we were told to make enough flour to make a bread loaf which we would eat at the end of the day), how to turn woollen fleece into felt and how to be a Saxon Blacksmith. Purple Class also were taught how to skin an animal (we didn't have a go, thankfully!) and how people used to hunt. A dozen or so different houses were on display as part of the site. These included a Viking Longhouse, a couple of Roundhouses, a Saxon Granary, an Earth House and even an Iron Age, woven Stick Shelter with leather on top! Purple Class thoroughly enjoyed their trip, despite the cold weather.


By Evie

Photos of our trip to the ATC

Photos of our trip to the ATC 1

Saxon village homework

Autumn Term art

Picture 1


 Recently Purple Class had a visit from a presenter of Just Enough UK. Just Enough UK manages and raises money to help prevent slavery in the UK and Ireland. We were shown a powerpoint of the percentages to do with slavery, including how many people are rescued as slaves every year, how many slaves there are in the world and how much money slave sellers earn each year (approximately 22million pounds, unfortunately). We were all astonished when we got told that our presenter, Phil, was actually the man who founded Just Enough UK! Phil told us stories of how he raised thousands of pounds for slavery by playing the drums non-stop for four days and a night, only stopping for five minutes every four hours. He also shut himself in a cargo shipping box for two weeks, with a diet of cereal and water. He told us that during his time in the cargo box he became very isolated, so he drew a wall of trees, lakes, people and quotes for slavery. 'Phil is an inspiration to all of us' said Carly.


S - Suspicious person guarding other people

L - Local language struggle

A - Advertised for money

V - Victim abuse

E - Emotional state

By Evie

Davison Cup

The Mere school football team for the Davison cup is Oliver, Mitchell, Sam, Charlie, Oakley, Jack Deeker, Ben and Shane. We are practicing on Fridays so remember your P.E kit! Our first match is on Friday the 16th of October against Abbey Primary in Shaftesbury.   

By Oliver

Purple Class Blog October 2015


On Friday, 16th October, Mr Rich took a group of eight boys to their Davidson Trophy First round match at Shaftsbury Abbey Primary School. It was a challenging atmosphere for the boys, as most of Shaftsbury Abbey Primary School were out supporting the home team. However, with strong defensive work from Sam, Oakley and Oilver and superb goals from Jack Deeker, Ben Jackson and Charlie Bateson, the team from Mere School won the game 3-0 and are through to the next round, where they will play Semley Primary School. Mr Rich is very proud of the team so far and is very excited for the next round's match!




On the last week of term, the whole school enjoyed a Music Week. To start the exciting week, we had a visit from Nick Crump, the musician from Shaftsbury, who created instruments and music using things we get from the scrap site! Nick presented his peculiar instruments proudly and played us some of his own pieces on some interesting music-makers. The most interesting invention that Nick had created was called a Bog Horn, which was a toilet that you could blow into to make the sound of a tuba. Throughout the week, every child got the chance to make their own scrap instrument and each class got to put together their very own scrap band! Mere School thoroughly enjoyed their Music week.


By Evie