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Red - Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 and Red Class !

Our  topic for the Autumn term is The Romans. 

We will be learning all about the Romans and thier invasion of Britain. We have lots of exciting things planned to make your learning fun including a day as a Roman Soldier !



Your homework project this term will be to make a model of an aqueduct so start collecting bits and pieces now.


Picture 1 In the cave
Picture 2 Climbing
Picture 3 Abseiling
Picture 4 In the cave!
Picture 5 Day 1 Cooling down
Picture 6 Day 1 and wet already!
Picture 7 Cooling our feet
Picture 8 Swan with family
Picture 9 Swing over canal
Picture 10 Day 2 On the canal
Picture 11 Day 2 Canal jumping
Picture 12 Day 2 At the canal
Picture 13 Taking a rest
Picture 14 A well-earned break
Picture 15 Nice moves!
Picture 16 The spider's web
Picture 17 Day 3 problem solving evening
Picture 18 Climbing
Picture 19 Climbing in the sunshine
Picture 20 Why go over?