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Red - Year 5

Red Class 2016-2017

Red Class 2016-2017 1

Summer in Red Class!



Red Class go to the Polls!


After reading a summary of the main parties manifestoes, Red Class held their own election.


We debated the merits of the different parties before heading to the ballot box.


In our election the results were as follows:

1. Labour

2. Green Party

3. Liberal Democrats

4. Conservatives.


Red Class's Election

Red Class's Election 1
Red Class's Election 2
Red Class's Election 3
Red Class's Election 4



We loved Pencelli!


A huge thank you to Mr Barry and Mrs Green for volunteering their time and to all of the staff at Plas Pencelli for making our visit one that we will never forget!


A selection of memories!

Day One- Monday

Miss Beckwith's Top Tip...Always check that the boot is closed before you drive off!

A huge thank you to Mr Barry and Southern Electric for finding the lost bags that fell from our bus today! All children have got their cases, which are undamaged, and are now busy unpacking!


We all enjoyed the adventure walk, especially getting muddy and wet!

Day One's Adventures!

Day One's Adventures! 1
Day One's Adventures! 2

Day Two


Today some of us have been caving and some of us have been climbing. Both groups have worked really hard and have shown some great teamwork skills.


Miss Beckwith's Quote of the Day...


"I'm not OK...I'm fantastic!" Jack Manning after completing the Letterbox Challenge!


Caving 1

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing 1

"It's been the best day of my life!" Luke Cleal.

Day 3


Today we swapped and had a go at caving or climbing. We are starting to show that we can really pull together as a team and support each other when facing challenges.

Miss Beckwith's best moment of the day...watching her group achieve things in climbing that they didn't realise they could do. Well done to Fraser, Summer and Lola for climbing higher than they have ever climbed before and also for returning to the ground safely! 


Climbing 1
Climbing 2


Caving 1
Caving 2
Caving 3

Day 4



Both groups have had an exciting day canoeing. The weather has been boiling hot and so paddling calmly down the canal was just the thing we needed.


Miss Beckwith's favourite quotes from today...


"It's ok guys- I've got this!" George, after mastering steering the canoe!


"Wrong way Ona!" Rory, whilst watching Ona zigzagging into the distance!


"You've got to push a bit more Miss Beckwith!" Keidis whilst watching Miss Beckwith try to remove their canoe from the canal bank!


Canoeing 1
Canoeing 2

Exploring The Woods

Congratulations Red Class.


You managed to raise £58 towards the cost of your trip by selling cakes and second hand books.


Thank you to everyone who donated books and made cakes!

Flapjack Fun!

Spring Term in Red Class!



This term our topic is Rainforests. We will be looking at what rainforests are and where you can find them. We will also be comparing the Amazon rainforest with our own local forest- looking at the types of animals and plants you can find in them and what we use the forests for.


As part of our work on British Values we will also be thinking about our rights and responsibilities as British citizens.





Rainforest Topic Web

Red Class Weekly Timetable

A look back at the Autumn Term in Red Class!

Autumn Topic Web

Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making!

Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 1
Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 2
Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 3
Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 4
Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 5
Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 6
Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 7
Open Afternoon- Roman Shoe Making! 8

How to dress your master in a toga!

Joining the Roman Army!


Red Class were put through their paces during their Roman Soldier workshop. They found out about the armour and weapons soldiers carried as well as what life was like in the Roman army and how they were able to successfully defeat so many people, including the Celts in Britannia.


Roman Soldier Workshop

Roman Soldier Boot Camp!

Still image for this video

Digging for Roman Treasure!

Red Class have been thinking about how we find out about the past. We pretended to be archaeologists and after we had found our Roman artefacts made conclusions about what they could tell us about the Romans.

Digging For Treasure!