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Red - Year 5

Summer Term in Red Class

Our topic this term is Rivers. We will be looking at what a river is and the role they play in the water cycle.  The rivers theme will also run through our English work. We will look at river poetry and The Wind in the Willows.

Summer is a time for adventures and we are all looking forward to our residential visit to Pencelli, in Wales.

Have a look at our topic web to find out more about the work we have planned this term.


Exploring the Woods.


We have had a great morning exploring the woods that surround Alfred's Tower. We had a go at map reading and looked for evidence that showed us how people use the woods. We used these observations to help us answer our key question...

How are the woods around Alfred's Tower similar to the Amazon rainforest?


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Forest Art

Mere's Book Day!

Mere's Book Day! 1

Rainforest Topic Web

Our Weekly Timetable

Christmas Fun in Red Class

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Romans Invade Red Class!

Red Class were visited by a Roman soldier who taught them how to survive in the Roman army! We also found out why Emperor Claudius wanted to invade Britain.

Have a look at some pictures from our Roman adventure.


Training to be a Roman soldier!

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