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Year 3/4 Tennis Tournament 🎾

Year 3/4 Tennis Tournament 🎾  1

Well done to our 3 teams who entered the Year 3/4 Tennis tournament - all 3 teams were in the semi-finals. Team 1 came joint first, Team 2 third and Team 3 fourth. Team 1 now go further in the Dorset Tennis Competion. Congratulations to them all. 

Picture 1 ⚽️Going for Goal 3rd place team ⚽️
Picture 1 🏆 Gillingham Family Hockey Winners🏆
Picture 1 Well done for taking part in the Football ⚽️
Picture 2 ⚽️Our fantastic goalie ⚽️
Picture 3 Great performance in the netball tournament
Picture 1

Well done to the team for entering the EFL tournament in Yeovil.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Mrs Schofield was very impressed with our netballers this week. Year 5 competed in the Tisbury tournament on Monday and again in Gillingham on Thursday, where Year 6 also competed.  Some children from Year 3/4 took part in a coaching session organised by Rosie at Gillingham School. well done to you all for taking part.