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Welcome to Silver Class


Welcome back to school! We hope you have had a fantastic Easter break.


Our topic this term will be Homes. We will be looking at human and animal homes all around the world. We will also be focusing on Mere and the local environment. Please see our topic web below.

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13.06.16  Milly's blog

Today I read a book about dolphins.

We went on the ipads and looked at the world.

On Sunday we went to a fete.

By Milly.


Silver Class Blog

Today it was Edie's birthday. We went outside and we looked for fish and frogs and ducks. We only found a frog.

By Milly

Silver Class Blog


This morning with Mr Rich and Mrs Wilson, we did a booklet to test our reading skills. I did really well!

We also played Granny’s Footsteps. At the end of the day we read two books.

On Friday at Golden Time I did colouring.

By Milly.


Silver Class Blog

Today at science we learnt about plants. The flower makes bees come.

On Friday  we had Goldentime.  In  Goldentime I played with Edie.

By Milly



Over the past few weeks, Silver Class have been planting seeds and watching them grow. We have planted beans in plastic cups so we can watch them grow. We have been keeping a weekly diary of their progress. It has been great fun to see how much they change from one day to the next.


We also went outside to sew some seeds in one of the raised beds. We are hoping that the cold weather and frost hasn't damaged them, and that we will see some shoots in the next few weeks.

Planting and growing.

Silver Class Blog


Hi, my name is Milly and I will be writing a Silver Class blog over the next term. We have been learning about under the sea.

Last week we planted a bean. Today we planted some beans.  

By Milly.

Florence Nightingale

We researched Florence Nightingale as a Historical Hero. We used books and iPads to help use find out all about her life. Then we made posters on the iPads to present the information that we had found.


We learnt about Judaism and we looked at different objects which are important to Jewish people. Here are some photographs. Can you recognise any of the objects?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Silver Class Blog - 07.03.16

Today in maths we were doing odd numbers and even numbers. Some people found it hard but I found it easy.

Then in English we did our plans. I did not have a plan so I had Mrs Wilson’s one.  I had to get to the dragon’s den. I was the first one to finish. When we had finished, Mrs Wilson read us a story. The story was called The Three Little Pigs. It is my favourite story.

By Tyler.

World Book Day 2016

Sharing Stories with Red Class and Painting

Happy New Year!


We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break! We are pleased to welcome Mrs Wilson to Silver Class. 



Our Topic for the Spring Term is ...



We will be learning about superheroes, real-life heroes, historical heroes and biblical heroes throughout this term.


22.2.16 Tyler blog

In the holiday my nephew Isaiah came to my house. We had a party. Isaiah danced and danced. We put Isaiah favioutrite song on. Then I put my favourite song on and I kept singing and singing ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. I love the lyrics that say ‘eye of the tiger’. We are singing that song in the school Glee Choir.

Saturday and Sunday we were at my auntie’s house. On Sunday, we all wet on a long walk. We went to see a dog whose name is Scruffy. Scruffy was a very nice dog.

 8.2.16   Silver  Class Blog                                                                                                                                          Today me and some other people did some art with Mrs Loxton. We had a competition for  who could make the most colours. Out of the 3 people in Silver Class, I did 3 whole pages.

by Tyler

Silver class blog 25.01.16

We have had the best time.   To day we practiced the story of Eliot Jones story we are very good.        

By Tyler.

Silver Class Blog 18.01.16

In Silver Class this week we have made super heroes.  In our class there are lots of super heroes. There are lots of good ones.

By Tyler.

Our topic this Autumn term is FIRE!

We have had a great start to the term so far! We have been busy learning the story 'Tiger Child' which has involved lots of acting and storytelling! Using this inspiration we have started our own Tiger drawings. We have also been busy observing our school environment. 

Please see our Topic Web below to see what else we will be learning about this term.

Tiger Child Freeze Frames

Tiger Child Freeze Frames 1
Tiger Child Freeze Frames 2
Tiger Child Freeze Frames 3
Tiger Child Freeze Frames 4
Tiger Child Freeze Frames 5
Tiger Child Freeze Frames 6

Tigers Exploring the jungle

Tigers Exploring the jungle 1
Tigers Exploring the jungle 2

Our Fantastic Homework

Our Fantastic Homework 1

1.2.16 silver class blog

Today we were learning about poems the first poem is called Five Little Senses All In a Row. My favourite part is ‘lickity lips’ and at the end of the poem then all 5 senses say “together we make a lot of sense!”  3dot and 2dot had to read a poem. I read a poem about a duck.

by Tyler

Silver Class Blog  24.11.15

This week in Silver Class  we have been learning  about  dragons. So  far  all  we have  done  is  read  the story of  George and the dragon by Chris Wormell and  draw  our  own  dragon  in  the  place  that  they  live. Next we are  going to write descriptive sentences.

By Elanor


In Silver Class we have been drawing dragon pictures . In Silver Class we are going to set our London houses on fire tomorrow! After Christmas there is going to be a new girl joining  our class and she is way taller then me.

By Ellie

Silver Class Blog


In Silver Class, we have learnt the story of The Tiger Child. In Silver Class we have drawn pictures and learnt the story with actions. This week, we are writing our own stories, but we have changed the story.

By Ellie


In Mere School there are lots of fun clubs. For example, there is football and recorders. We try to   make it fun for everyone.

By Elanor

Silver Class Blog October 2015

This week in Silver Class, we have been learning all about  the Great Fire of London. In maths we are learning  to count in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s..

By Ellie and Elanor

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