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Spring Term- 'People that help us'

Our topic is 'People that help us'

We enjoyed talking about the people that help us at home. As a class, we decided to write a letter to someone at home to show our appreciation for everything that they do. We then linked writing a letter to thinking about how a postman helps us. As a class we went to the post office, we each bought a stamp and then we posted our letter.



Blue class were very excited to learn how vets help us. We transformed our role play area into a veterinary surgery which has sparked some imaginative play.



Mrs Bevan brought in her rabbits and guinea pigs. We asked Mrs Bevan lots of questions about how to take care of them.



During our police week we were very lucky to have a visit from PSCO Jake. We all asked him a question about his role in the community. We then went outside to see his police car; it was very exciting when he put the sirens on!



We also created a police car on dazzle and we made a junk model police car.



Blue class learnt all about how dentists help us. We had a fantastic time when we visited the dentist. The dentist showed us and explained to us how we should clean our teeth. She showed us the equipment she uses to check peoples teeth and she even let some of us have a go on the dentist’s chair! We were all given a cleaning chart, a pencil, a sticker and some toothpaste.