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The Awesome Egyptians come to Green Class

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Picture 1 Lego pyramid 2
Picture 2 Papier mache pyramid
Picture 3 Lego pyramid
Picture 4 The great pyramid
Picture 5 Sandy pyramid
Picture 6 Pyramid cakes
Picture 7 Pyramid by the Nile
Picture 8 Mummy in the saracophagus
Picture 9 Guarding the pyramid
Picture 10 Egyptian puzzle
Picture 11 Cardboard pyramaid
Picture 12 Concrete pyramid 2
Picture 13 Treasure in the pyramid
Picture 14 The bent pyramid cake
Picture 15 Pyramids in the desert
Picture 16 Jigsaw pyramid
Picture 17 Hieroglyph pyramid
Picture 18 Concrete pyramid 1
Picture 19 Animals guarding the pyramid
Picture 20 Egyptian display
Picture 21 Egyptian display
Picture 22 Egyptian display
Picture 23 Our class pyramid