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Yellow - Year 1

Yellow Class 

Autumn Term

We have all settled well into our new class.  We have visited the garden and found lots of tomatoes.  We had fun picking them and ate them for our snack.  We love Storymaking, and we have learnt a story called Little Jack.  We practised lots of the words we need for the story by playing Cross the Golden River.

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Basic Timetable

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Little Jack Storymaking

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Nip, flip and froggy fingers!

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This is how we hold our pencil in Yellow Class.

We visited St Micheal's Church as part of our RE Curriculum

We visited St Micheal's Church as part of our RE Curriculum 1
We visited St Micheal's Church as part of our RE Curriculum 2
We visited St Micheal's Church as part of our RE Curriculum 3
We visited St Micheal's Church as part of our RE Curriculum 4

We made carrot salad with the carrots we had grown in the garden.

Thomas and Tilly made a routine using some of the shapes we have learnt.

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Spring Term

Spring Topic Web

Spring Topic Web 1


We have enjoyed learning about different types of journeys.  We loved learning the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and we made up our own version of the story using different characters and settings.  We then read 'Whatever Next ' by Jill Murphy where a bear travels to the moon.  At the moment we are combining history with the English curruculum by learning a recount of the amazing journey to the Moon made by Neil Armstrong and his crew.


The Moon Landing

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Christopher Columbus Song

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Summer Term

Summer Term 1



Peipards Farm Trip


We had an amazing time at Peipards Farm!

Our Victorian Farm Day

Our Victorian Farm Day 1
Our Victorian Farm Day 2
Our Victorian Farm Day 3
Our Victorian Farm Day 4
Our Victorian Farm Day 5
Our Victorian Farm Day 6
Our Victorian Farm Day 7
Our Victorian Farm Day 8
Our Victorian Farm Day 9
Our Victorian Farm Day 10
Our Victorian Farm Day 11
Our Victorian Farm Day 12
Our Victorian Farm Day 13
Our Victorian Farm Day 14
Our Victorian Farm Day 15
Our Victorian Farm Day 16
Our Victorian Farm Day 17
We learnt that Victorian children were used to clear the fields of stones and to scare birds.  We dressed up in Victorian costumes and had a go at 'Stone Picking'.  It was hard work.  We also pretended to be Victorian milkmaids and made butter out of cream.  We had to shake it for a long time before it split into buttermilk and butter.  Another activity was washing clothes in an old tin bath and hanging out the washing using dolly pegs.  Some of us also used old fashioned toys like hoops, skipping ropes and smooth stones to make our own entertainment.  We had great fun and learnt loads, but we are glad we do not live 150 years ago!

Vegetable Sculpture

We learnt about a famous artist called Arcimboldo who lived 500 years ago.  He made portraits of people using fruit and vegetables.  We loved looking at these and identifying all the different unusual vegetables.  We then made our own sculptures by placing vegetables on black paper so that they looked like faces.  We liked using curly Kale as hair and courgettes as noses.