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Computing club runs after school on a
Monday 3.15 to 4pm for years 1 and 2.


Computing Club have been learning to use the stop motion app to make their own animations. 


iMotion Lego Animations - Lola

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Lola's Sequel!

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iMotion Animations - Oliver P

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iMovie Animations - Sami

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iMotion Animations - Tom

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Oliver P's Sequel!

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iMotion Animations - Ben, Caiden and Oliver J (Take One)

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Take 2...

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iMotion Animations - Marcus

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iMotion Animations - Hugo

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iMovie Films!

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iMovie Films!

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Digital Leader Profiles!

Creating The Profiles!

We used a website, plus Pages and Photos apps...

Computing Club - Mere School's Digital Leaders!

Finn's Blog

Red class blog


Over the holidays I have made a model called an aqueduct made from lego I brought mine in today. Also happy Halloween👻🎃🎃👻. In computing club we have been doing blue bots and also keynote on the iPads we were doing PowerPoints. In May Red Class will be going if they want to Pencelli it is in wales it'll be a 3 hour bus drive there we have to get up at 7:30 am then if we get up earlier we read for a bit then we will get changed and have a two coursed breakfast then we will make our lunches then we'll set off the activities are caving, canoeing, rock climbing and evening activities. We come back at about 4:30 and have a shower then we'll have free time then we'll go on our evening activity then we'll come back and have a hot drink at 9:00 then we'll read until 10:00 ish then we'll have lights out at 10:00 o'clock then we'll wake up and do it again again again and again.

By Finn Hillier


Red Class Blog              

This year so far in red class our topic has been about the Romans and it has been really fun but one of my favourite things has been when the roman soldier came into school to talk to my class and he showed us all the equipment. It was really funny when Matthew was Emperor Claudius because he was super good at acting. Linley was the Celts emperor and he was good friends with Claudius so asked for his help because he was being bullied and Rory and Katie were the bullies but Claudius made up a plan to help by stopping the bullies and taking over Brittania also known as Britain so all the rest of the class marched over to Brittania and took over and everything ended up well.
By Lilly.


Red Class Blog 
By:Ellen Leah Susie Fox 

Today in Red Class we did some mathematics. I am in Red group which is the top of all the other groups. It is fun being in the top group and there is only five of us all together. We've learnt about the rules of division. We've also learnt about multiples and factors. My favourite was factors out of all of them. 

Let's move on to history. In history we've learnt about aqueducts. For our homework we had to go home and build a model of an aqueduct.


Green Class Blog



Today we were writing about Syrian refugees and how the war in Syria  is ruining their lives. It is interesting to learn about how wars are affecting lives including children's.

There is a yr3,4 football game against Milton school next Thursday 10th November and I am hoping to be selected and I may even  be the captain!!!I am a very good football player and my Callum [somebody from my class]plays well with me.     

By Oliver P.

Green Class Blog


Today in Green Class we did non-fiction work with Talk For Writing and it was fun. Next we had to write about information text bout Syrian refugees. Next we had to go to assembly and then we had break time. And then we did maths and that was fun. Next we had lunch. Next we had Christmas play rehearsal. Next we had Guided Reading. Then Computing Club for my first time….

By Kieran.

Green class blog

Today in green class we learned about Syrian refugees in our English lesson.
In music we didn't sing Mamma Mia as we usually do.We sung something else instead.

In the half term I mostly played on my PS4 and my phone and my tablet and I went to Longleat and did the ghost trail and ghost train on Sunday
On Thursday I went to the cinema with my half sister.
By Ryan.

Green Class Blog


After a thrilling week of half term it's back to school.

First lesson was [English] target work.

We had to do a cold write about Syrian refugees.

If you don't know what a cold write is it is something

where you write a story or something like that without any help and then after a few weeks of English lessons you do a hot write which is much better!

By Tom.    

Gold Class Blog


A couple of weeks ago Gold Class went on a trip to Montacute House it very fun.
First of all we  went to the  kitchen and we smelled candles and then we saw the sink.
We went up a big stare case we had to count the stares then we saw a picture of a lady 
not a normal picture I't was a magic picture.

Faith and Molly.


All about Gold class

Last term we read about Charlie and the chocolate factory and it was funny and exciting. 

Today we went on the computers and we learnt about Tudor schools and it was something different. I learnt that they went to school 6 days a week and also in the winter they went to school from 7:00 till 5:00. In the summer they went to school from 6:00 till 5:00.

At this very point I am doing blogging and it is exciting.
By Ellie D.

All About Gold Class by Milly...

Today we did computing all about Tudor school.

In the holiday we went to se our nanny and 
grandad to see the 8 puppies. We're going to
get it on Saturday and we're taking it home on


Gold Class Blog       


What we have done in the past in Gold.       

So today we learnt about Tudor schools. Tudor schools had hornbooks. Are These were books made of cowhorn.

By Tyler.


Silver class blog

Today in Silver Class I played It at break time.
By Phoenix.

Yellow Class Blog


In Yellow Class we have been learning about Charlie Bucket and Charlie  and the  Chocolate  Factory.

By Lucas.

Computing Club Blog
In Computing Club we have been doing blue bots they are controlled by an IPad we made obstacles from pencils then turns. In computing club we have been doing some key note.
By Oscar, Blue Class.

Presentations Made Using Keynote On iPad - Finn Goes First!

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Ryan's Keynote Speech

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Coding Blu-Bots!