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Green - Year 4

Welcome To Green Class

Mr Rich and Mrs Cripps

This term our exciting topic is called 'Around The World And Home Again!'

Read on to find out about all of the amazing learning that we have been up to!


Summer Term Topic Web 2019

Summer Term Topic Web 2019 1

Parent Open Morning

A Midsummer Night's Dream Freeze-Framing!

Mapping Mere From Castle Hill!

Trip to St Michael's Church!

Visit From An International Traveller!

Visit From An International Traveller! 1
On Monday 13th May, we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Mrs Sue Evans, who has visited many countries all around the world. Mrs Evans spoke to Green Class about the countries that she has recently visited and showed some interesting photos and maps from her travels.
Click on the Video Resource Centre link below to watch our awesome Egyptian dances!

Painting Canopic Jars!

Pyramid Chalk Pictures

Parent Open Morning - WW2 Soup!

Talk For Writing - Karim, Time Traveller

We have been learning the text of 'Karim, Time Traveller' to help us with our historical stories. We have used drama to explore the text and we are learning it by imitating the words and sentences. This will help us to innovate and invent our own time travel stories, inspired by the events of World War 2!

Fast Maths Practise!

Fast Maths has begun in Green Class! Each learner has their own practise card and a times table to learn (multiplication and division facts remember)!

How many times tables can you learn before July 2019? Keep practising!

World War 2 Research Using iPad!

We kicked off our fantastic topic with a session using iPad (and the safe search engine 'Swiggle') to look for information about events that happened a long time ago...

Painting Portraits

We painted portraits of each other to go outside our classroom door. We had fun mixing skin tones using only three colours - red, white and green.

World War 2 Geography and History!

We used atlases and iPads with Google Earth to find the countries that were involved in World War 2. We used a key on our maps to show whether the countries were part of the Allied Forces, the Axis Powers or if they were Neutral during the war.

We used a great CEOP website called to play a game called Band Runner which taught us all about online safety. Why not play it at home?
Green Class brought in some amazing artefacts from the war. We made sure that each child had the opportunity to talk about their artefacts and show them to the class.

Mrs Guy Came To Visit!

Mrs Guy Came To Visit! 1
Amelia's grandma, Mrs Guy came to visit us to talk about her father Jack, who was a solider during World War 2. Mrs Guy told us the story of how Jack was sent to Belgium and stayed there with a Belgian headmaster and his family. Jack was eventually sent to the front line to fight against the Germans where he captured a German solider and took a badge from the captured soldier's uniform. She showed us the badge that her father took, with its eagle and swastika symbol. Later on, Jack was shot in the chest and the bullet narrowly missed his heart. This wound allowed Jack to return to England. Mrs Guy also had a letter addressed to her auntie from the Belgian headmaster, asking about Jack and how he was. Jack lived in England for many years after the war.

World War 2 Research

World War 2 Research 1
World War 2 Research 2
World War 2 Research 3
World War 2 Research 4
We used the World War 2 non-fiction books in the library to do some research for our news reports.

Dissolving Investigation!