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Leavers' & Other Comments

2016 Leavers:

Ellie: When I joined Mere School I was very shy and didn't like talking to people. Everyone came over and said hi. I have made lots of friends since starting Mere School.


Carly: I will always remember my time in Year 2. The phone rang, so I got up from the carpet and went near to the phone. I couldn't reach, so I put a chair underneath and stood on it to answer the phone. I said hello in a funny voice but suddenly, Mr Perry came back, I put the phone down and ran back to the carpet. Everyone was laughing, well, nearly everyone. NOT Mr Perry!


Martha J: My best memory was when we went on a trip to Alfred’s Tower and we had to walk up a hill that was next to a really dark forest. The boys were scaring the girls by saying Slenderman was following us.


Jack B: When I was in Silver Class, I was given the part as Santa in the Christmas performance and Harry got the part as the elf. We fell out for 3 weeks, as we didn't know who had the main part, Santa or the elf? We decided that I had the main part.


Sam: One night in Pencelli, Charlie, Mitch and I couldn’t sleep because Oliver was snoring, so we decided to do a bedtime story. Suddenly, the teacher started laughing as everyone could hear us.


Mac: My best memory was at Pencelli. Sam, Mitch and Kenton were in a canoe and Mitch stood up, Sam rocked the canoe and Mitch fell out! Then, Kenton went to get out of the boat but instead he fell in! Sam was just laughing at them both!


Martha W: In Purple Class, we had many funny moments. We were looking after a baby for a week (it was actually an egg!) and I was really excited. I put my egg on the table (I was getting some fabric to decorate it) then I heard a SPLAT. I wondered what it was so I looked under my table... My egg had rolled off. It was funny because I couldn't even look after an egg for 5 minutes! Strangely, no one wanted me to look after theirs after that!

Recent comments:


“After my children lost their Uncle, Mere School were amazing. …..they went above and beyond my expectations.”


“The school nurse helped my children when they had personal issues. I couldn't ask for better support.”


"I felt that the children were so safe in school."



Some comments from our parent survey, July 2015:


"We love the school"


"My daughter has settled in very well, Blue Class teachers have made sure she has had the best start to her school years."


"Very pleased with Reception class, the experience and the teachers."


"My child has thrived, thanks to the excellent teachers"


"Fantastic residential trip. Made such a huge and lasting impact/impression on my child"


From a parent who assisted on a school trip:
I have had a wonderful day at the farm with KS1, we have such a great school and are very lucky our children get to experience these days out! All the children were so polite and behaved really well, which is a pleasure to watch and a credit to the school and all the teachers - that by the way the kids respect and look up to so much. Great role models, can't wait for the next trip.


Email from a former parent:


“I just thought I would write a note to you in regards to my son who was previously a pupil with you and I am sure you remember.  He has just completed his GCSEs and achieved some fantastic results – 2 Bs, 6As and 3A*s.


This means that his grades are in the top 15% of all Gillingham School pupils which has made me one very proud mum.

The reason I am sending you this is not to gloat (well maybe a little which I hope you will forgive!) but to show how the hard work from the staff at Mere School has helped my son to be a confident person able to achieve his potential.  I strongly believe that when I moved him to Mere School … with lots of problems, you were able to turn his life around and this has been the making of him.  Without your support, dedication and expertise at that time I think things could have been very different.


Please do keep up the fantastic work you are doing and do let the teachers know that taught my son how grateful I am and how highly he regards them too.”


Extract of a letter from a former parent:

"We would like to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful school we know Mere Primary to be. (Our daughter) has been immensely happy and progressed at the school in every way; we have nothing but full praise on all levels at how the school is run, functions and presents. It is exemplary in every way and we all as a family will take nothing but the happiest of memories with us from the school.

A big thank you to you and all the staff whom work in the school, from the front reception desk, the lunchtime staff and all the teachers that work so hard with the children, that together collectively make the school so good at what it does and such a happy place to be.

Exciting as this move potentially is for our family, it is with much regret that we have to say goodbye and leave behind such a brilliant school as this."

Song for Mere School
Listen to a song by former pupil Klara Jenkins on Youtube:
"You have made a difference, you have shaped our minds, you have changed the world, one child at a time..."