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Mr Rich and Mrs Young


This term our exciting topic is Heroes!

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Home Learning Extra Resources Weds 25th March

30 Day Lego Challenge!

30 Day Lego Challenge! 1

Spring Term 2020 Curriculum Map

Spring Term 2020 Curriculum Map 1


Superheroes! 1

Book Day!

Book Day! 1
We enjoyed a wonderful Book Day! We had a visit from famous children's author and illustrator MP Robertson who did an amazing assembly and taught the children how to draw dragons!

Florence Nightingale Portraits!

The Great Fire Of London!

The Great Fire Of London! 1
In our continued learning about the Great Fire of London, we baked bread hedgehogs using flour, yeast, oil and water (and a couple of raisins for hedgehog eyes!)

Visit to Mere Fire Station!

We visited Mere Fire Station to talk about the Great Fire of London and fire safety in 1666 and 2019. We were shown around the fire station, the uniforms, the equipment, the alarm centre and the engine with all of its tools and gadgets!

A huge thank you to the firefighters Mr Barry and Mr Brundish (both parents of children at Mere School) for showing us around. The children got a huge amount of knowledge from the visit.

History Collages!

We worked in pairs to make beautiful collages to show the events of the Great Fire of London, in order. Did you know that the fire lasted for four days?

Diary Writing - Samuel Pepys style!

Diary Writing - Samuel Pepys style! 1
We wrote diaries pretending that we were a rich or poor boy or girl who was living in London in September 2019. We read lots about Samuel Pepys and his famous diary. We then wrote in role in our English books, checked, edited and polished our writing and then wrote a best copy on some old paper that looked like it had been burnt in the fire!

Fire Safety Visit!

We were visited by Caroline from Wiltshire Fire and Rescue who spoke to all of the children in Year 2 about what to do in case of fire in the home. The children learnt how to make a 999 call for the emergency services and how to find a safe escape route out of their house if there was a fire.

Children In Need!

Fast Maths Practise!

In Orange Class, we are practising our number bonds by doing Fast Maths. We spend time playing maths games with our talk partners which help us to recall our number bonds and then we have 2 minutes to get as many correct as we can. If we get them all correct three times, then we move up onto a trickier set of questions!

Sharing our stories with Silver Class...

Science - Autumn walk

Art - tigers!

Art - tigers! 1

Science - exploring how we can change materials...

Art - creating tiger artwork based on the story of The Tiger Child

RE - creating amazing houses to launch our learning on 'creation.'

Hansel and Gretel Talk For Writing

We have been learning the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The children have been drawing story maps and retelling the text. They have also used drama to create freeze-frames of each scene in the story...

Science - outdoor learning!

We went outside and explored the school grounds, searching for everyday materials and what they were being used for.

We found brick, rock, wood, plastic, glass, metal and rubber all being used for different things!

We made models and drew pictures of what we saw at the show!

Paired Reading With Silver Class

Painting Self-portraits!