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Red - Year 5

Red Class Love Cooking!

We made Spanish Omelettes...choosing, cutting and cooking our own food.

Mrs Tavenner let us pick and use some of the vegetables that her Gardening Club have been growing.

Cooking Omelettes

Pencelli Adventures!

Mrs Cocker and Mrs Green were super impressed with Red Class during their visit to Pencelli Outdoor Adventure Center. Each and every child challenged themselves and fully participated in every activity. We saw great teamwork and support (especially when the adults needed a little push and encouragement!)

We are both very proud of your achievements this week!

Scroll down to find out more about what we got up to whilst we were away from home!



The start...

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Making our beds! We can all do this now- even if we needed a little help from our room mates.

Making our beds! We can all do this now- even if we needed a little help from our room mates. 1

Exploring the grounds on our adventure walk. We did stray off the path a little!

What a start...and that was just the beginning! Tuesday and Wednesday saw us climbing and caving. Everyone had a go at everything and both teams started to show that they were really good at supporting each other. Yellow Team looked after Mrs Cocker- even pushing her through the Letter Box and making sure that she didn't get lost.


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Before we start- making sure we can balance!

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More Climbing Clips!

More Climbing Clips! 1
More Climbing Clips! 2
More Climbing Clips! 3
More Climbing Clips! 4
More Climbing Clips! 5
More Climbing Clips! 6
More Climbing Clips! 7
A special shout out to Spiderwoman! This young lady was a little nervous at the start of the day but by the end of the day she didn't want to get down!


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Down in the caves!

By the end of Wednesday no adventure was too big for Red Class! We tried to get a good night sleep so that we could wake up ready for our day of canoeing.Mrs Cocker dreaming of a Wind in the Willows style leisurely day, drifting on top of the water.The children dreaming of getting as wet as was humanly possible!

Canoeing Capers!

Canoeing Capers! 1
Canoeing Capers! 2
Canoeing Capers! 3
Canoeing Capers! 4
Canoeing Capers! 5
Canoeing Capers! 6
And Friday?! Well Gorge Walking will just have to stay as a cameras allowed in the waterfalls! wink
It is always sad to leave a place that you have had so much fun at but we were all ready for our own beds on Friday and we couldn't wait to see our families and tell them about our adventures. Just a few more pictures that capture the week!

Lost Property

Lost Property 1
I am very impressed with how little lost property I took home with me. It is all washed and dried and will be available to collect when we come back to school. If your child has accidentally brought the wrong clothes home please could you bring them back to school. (Packing with 24 children is an adventure in itself!)

Exploring the Woods.


We have had a great morning exploring the woods that surround Alfred's Tower. We had a go at map reading and looked for evidence that showed us how people use the woods. We used these observations to help us answer our key question...

How are the woods around Alfred's Tower similar to the Amazon rainforest?


Picture 1
Picture 2

Forest Art

Mere's Book Day!

Mere's Book Day! 1

Rainforest Topic Web

Our Weekly Timetable

Christmas Fun in Red Class

Picture 1
Picture 2






Romans Invade Red Class!

Red Class were visited by a Roman soldier who taught them how to survive in the Roman army! We also found out why Emperor Claudius wanted to invade Britain.

Have a look at some pictures from our Roman adventure.


Training to be a Roman soldier!

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