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This term we are learning about Everyday Materials.

WALT make a wax resist

WALT waterproof

WALT make seasonal observations - Winter

Testing for rigidity - building bridges

10.11.20 WALT investigate materials

Today we looked at lots of different types of material. We talked about similarities and differences, and why we used certain fabric for certain things - strong fabric for work clothes, stronger fabric for furniture coverings, sparkly fabric for party clothes. We discussed what they were made from, natural materials made from animal fur and plants and man made tend to be made from chemicals.

We also sorted the fabrics in lots of different ways. We are sure there are many more ways to sort them too. 


WALT investigate changing materials.


Today we baked Hedgehog Bread Rolls. We mixed flour, yeast and salt together, and then mixed in flour and oil. We kneaded the dough and shaped it into hedgehogs. Then we baked them.

We talked about how the wheat was changed and ground to flour, and how we changed the flour by adding water to make dough. Finally, we changed it again by baking the dough in the oven.  We discussed whether we could reverse any of the changes and concluded that we couldn’t.


WALT make seasonal observations

We walked around the land near school looking for signs of Autumn. We saw falling leaves and leaves changing colour, berries and seeds, and ploughed fields. We noticed the weather was chilly, cloudy and a bit windy. See what signs of Autumn you can see when you when you are out and about.


This week we investigated which material would make the bounciest ball. We discovered that balls could be made from a variety of materials including plastic, rubber and sponge. We kept our test fair by dropping each ball from a certain height, and dropping each all onto the same surface.


We found that the sponge ball was the bounciest. 

This week we have been investigating the properties of materials, finding out if we could twist, stretch or squash them.



We went outside to see how many different type of materials we could find, and to look at the different ways the same material can be used. We found lots of uses for wood, plastic and metal. There was nothing made from paper or cardboard, we realised this was because these materials would break in the rain.


Have a look at our photos and see if you can spot the different materials, and the different way the same material has been used.