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Welcome to the Tennis Clubs page!

We run 3 tennis clubs at Mere School.

Mondays - Year 1 and 2,
Tuesdays - Year 3 and 4, and
Wednesdays - Years 5 and 6.


Ian Griffin, a qualified coach, runs these clubs for us and we play a lot of games to develop our tennis playing technique.

KS1 Tennis - Summer Term


In tennis club we play games like pirates, elevators, champions and lots more . The coach is Graham and he is really nice. And if you are unhappy (that will probably never happen) Graham will try to make you happy again! He tells you lots of jokes. I know him really well because I go to his Saturday club. I love his dogs.  One day I even asked him if I could have one!

By Jess Robilliard-Cannon

Year 5