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Week 5

Healthy Snacks - We tasted different crackers and toppings. Then we designed and made our own healthy snacks. We very much enjoyed eating them!

We enjoyed reading the book 'The Disgusting Sandwich' by Gareth Edwards and Hannah Shaw about a hungry badger who finds a disgusting sandwich. Then we made our own disgusting sandwiches using lots of funny things - squishy slime, wiggly worms and squashed flies (aka jelly, spaghetti and raisins)! We had lots of fun but we chose not to eat these. winkInstead we used them to write some fabulous instructions!

A busy week - Learning about where chocolate comes from and how it's made, drawing 'Gregosaurus' with Rob Biddulph, penguin yoga, making our own clocks and telling the time!

English - During English lessons we have been learning how to follow instructions. We had to follow a set of instructions to make a pinwheel.

Then we looked at the features of instructions. What should a good set of instructions have?

A title, a list of what you need, bullet points or numbers telling you what to do (in the correct order!), bossy verbs, time wordsand sometimes a picture of the finished product.

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Geography - we read 'The World Came to My Place Today' and looked at where food comes from. It comes from all around the world!
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