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Hello everyone!  You may have noticed this site has changed.  We have moved all the web links to the 'Home Learning' page so that hopefully it makes it a bit easier for you to navigate.



Each Monday we shall update the learning sheet with suggestions for your home learning.  The most  important thing is to make sure the children are happy, whilst continuing with the routine of learning.  I hope that they find our suggestions stimulating and exciting.  Please do as much or as little as you would like and try not to worry if the children find it difficult to focus as these are stressful times. If you would like further work, there are daily lessons on the Oak Academy, White Rose and Bitesize websites and the links are on our Home Learning page.  I am really enjoying seeing all their work so please continue to send me photos by emailing  Stay safe and have fun!  


Welcome Back!

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Home Learning Pack Week 7 - 18.5.20

More work this week from Josh

More work this week from Archie

Home Learning Pack week 6 - 11.5.20

Home Learning Pack Week 5 04.05.20

Home Learning Pack 4 - Week beginning 27th April - Updated

Eleanor has learnt a new skill

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Eleanor has been practising really hard to learn how to skip. Well done Eleanor!

Your latest work

Your latest work 1 Archie's 3D frog lifecycle
Your latest work 2 An amazing illustration!
Your latest work 3
Your latest work 4 Archie improved his sentences
Your latest work 5 Edward joined in his sister's castle challenge
Your latest work 6 Edward made a Gruffalo mask
Your latest work 7 Eleanor's super illustration
Your latest work 8 Kara's work on Oi Frog
Your latest work 9 Kara's frog lifecycle
Your latest work 10 Kara used the computer to present her work
Your latest work 11 Rylee did lots of work on shape and measurment
Your latest work 12 Lexi has enjoyed gardening
Your latest work 13 Freddie has been for a long walk
Your latest work 14 James loves gardening
Your latest work 15 Isaac is super proud!
Your latest work 16 Marley loves cooking
Your latest work 17 Marley had fun making a boat
Your latest work 18 Abigail's super neat writing
Your latest work 19 Abigail's boat
Your latest work 20 Abigail's floating and sinking experiment
Your latest work 21 Rylee has been working hard with his tricky words

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Home Learning Pack 3 - Week beginning 20th April

Videos from home.

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Kara had lots of fun making her boat

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Easter In School

Easter In School 1
Easter In School 2
Easter In School 3
Easter In School 4
Easter In School 5

Home Learning - The Owl Who Came to Tea by Josh

Other Home Learning

Other Home Learning 1 Rylee has been writing about the Easter Story
Other Home Learning 2 Eleanor has been busy writing a diary
Other Home Learning 3 Josh has been an amazing scientist
Other Home Learning 4 What a lovely rainbow Josh
Other Home Learning 5 Archie has made a great car
Other Home Learning 6 Clear instructions from Archie
Other Home Learning 7 Archie found a slow worm in his garden
Other Home Learning 8 Archie has been enjoying the sunshine
Other Home Learning 9 Archie has been keeping an 'Evil Pea Diary'
Other Home Learning 10 Josh made a wildflower table
Other Home Learning 11 Josh made a pizza then wrote down the recipe
Other Home Learning 12 Josh enjoyed eating the pizza too!
Other Home Learning 13 Josh went on a long walk to the top of a hill
Other Home Learning 14 Josh made some Easter Eggs for his window
Other Home Learning 15 Josh made an 'After the Cornovirus Jar'

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Coronavirus Information For Children

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Home Learning Week 2 - Additional Resources Year 1

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Home Learning Extra Resources Reception Weds 25th March

Home Learning Year 1 Extra Resources Weds 25th March

Web Pages that can be used for Home Learning

Spring Curriculum Maps

Spring Curriculum Maps 1
Spring Curriculum Maps 2

Haynes Motor Museum

We had fun learning about the history of cars at Haynes Motor Museum!

Bear's Cave experiment

Bear's Cave experiment 1
Bear's Cave experiment 2
Bear's Cave experiment 3
Bear's Cave experiment 4
Bear's Cave experiment 5
Bear's Cave experiment 6
Bear's Cave experiment 7
Bear's Cave experiment 8
We read 'Can't you sleep little Bear?' Then Simon the Science Dog told us that we were going to do an experiment that would require us to use our eyes.   We took it in turns to look through a hole in a bucket and decided we could not see anything.  We then 'opened a window' in the side of the bucket and we were excited to find a picture of Little Bear in bed.   We then covered the windows with curtains made out of different materials and found out which were opaque , translucent or transparent.

Tag Rugby

When we came in from play today we found some figures stuck in some ice.   We worked in teams to try and get them out.  We predicted how long it would take then timed ourselves using the iPad timers.  Some of us decided to use salt, some hot water and others put the trays beside the radiator.  We had great fun learning how and why ice melts.

'Let me out!' Ice experiment

Fun in our Space Role play area

Fun in our Space Role play area 1
We made up a dance to Space Oddity by David Bowie.   We used mirroring techniques with our partner to give our movements symmetry.

Autumn EYFS Curriculum Map

Autumn EYFS Curriculum Map 1

Autumn Curriculum Map

Autumn Curriculum Map 1

Our Amazing Trip to the Woods!

Snuggle Up Story Day

Snuggle Up Story Day 1
We all came in to school with pyjamas and comfy clothes for the relaunch of Snuggle Up Stories.   We spent the morning doing lots of different activities to do with books and stories.   It was lots of fun!
Picture 1
We have learnt 'The Witches' Spell from Macbeth off by heart using 'Storymaking'  techniques.   Come and look at our amazing acting by following this link to our 'green screen' video.  


Exploring Autumn Leaves

Children in Need Fun

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