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Anti Bullying

Action Against Bullying


At Mere School we expect good behaviour at all times, and encourage the children to treat one another and the school staff with respect because they know that this is the right way to behave.


"There is an atmosphere of mutual respect in the school. Pupils show a high degree of courtesy and consideration for adults and one another." Ofsted


"The children feel safe and take a genuine pride in their school." Ofsted


We are very proud of the behaviour of our children and the caring ethos of our school. We realise that bullying is a rare problem which can occur

in any group of people.

We created this web page to help all of the people in our school community (children, staff, governors and parents) to understand what bullying is and where to get help if it happens to them.


What is bullying?


Our School Council asked the children what they thought bullying was. Together the children and staff created a definition of what we think bullying is...


Bullying is constant and repeated actions which upset or hurt someone else. These could include physically hurting, calling names, not letting people join in or isolating them, laughing at people, threatening or taking money or objects.

These repeated actions of others may make someone not want to come to school. The person being bullied feels scared and powerless and his might stop them from telling.

Our School Council explains what bullying is.

Still image for this video
Our School Council decided to make a short video to explain to parents and children what bullying is.

What to do if you are bullied or you know someone who is.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Advice for parents- What can you do if you think that your child is being bullied?

Please look at the Useful Links in the Community Section of our website. There is some very useful information on cyber bullying!

Where Can I Get Help?


If you are worried about bullying or would like some more advice there are several places you could go for help.

You could speak to someone in school.


You could speak to someone from Childline 


(This is a free and confidential phone number. That means that you can phone it from any phone and you wont get charged.)


Look online. We have listed some really good websites that provide useful information and great advice on bullying and lots of other issues.