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A warm welcome...


Welcome to Mere School. We hope you and your child(ren) will be very happy here. The purpose of this page is to help you quickly and easily find out the key things you need to know when you are new to the school.


School office:

The office is staffed by (L-R below) Mrs Sharon Rawlings, Mrs Ali Hyde and Mrs Wendy Clements.

You can call them on 01747 860515 with any queries, or email


Mrs Sharon Rawlings    



Text reminder service:

Make sure you have registered your mobile number with the school office so that you can receive text reminders about events, and links to the fortnightly e-newsletters.


Head bump text:

Don't be alarmed if you receive a text from school saying that your child has had a head bump. These texts have replaced the paper forms which we used to send home with children, and are simply to notify you of minor bumps. You are not required to take any immediate action. However, we do ask that you keep an eye out for any dizziness or other symptoms when your child is at home later. This is unlikely to occur, but it is better to be forewarned.


School Uniform:

School jumpers and cardigans, PE hoodies, t-shirts and PE bags with school logo, caps and book bags are available to purchase from the school office. Find out prices and more here.

Everything else can be purchased at local supermarkets.  There is also a well stocked secondhand school uniform wardrobe - just ask at the ladies in the school office and they will be happy to show you.  



There is no parking beyond the dentist - this is for staff only.

However, there is a drop-off zone in operation in the morning by the pre-school. A member of staff will be there to greet your child and see them safely into the playground. Please take great care driving around this area, as there are also many pedestrians.

The car park by the dentist is private property and again there is no parking for parents on that part of the site. 

The small parish car park next to the bowls club can be used by parents, but it does get very congested so again, please take great care.


Morning routine:

School opens at 8.50am. On their first day children can go in via the school office. Thereafter, children (and parents if desired) go into the playground either via the back gate, or at the front by going through the gate and past the pre-school.

KS1 children wait near their classroom door to go in, and will be greeted by their teacher and/or teaching assistant (TA). 

KS2 children wait by the door near the entrance gate at the side of the school, the garden area with the greenhouse. They will be greeted by a member of staff.

Gates close at 9am, after that please enter via the office at the front of school.


School lunches/snacks:

All the children eat together in the large school hall.

KS1 children receive free school meals. KS2 meals are £2.30 per day. 

KS1 children are offered a free healthy snack mid-morning. KS2 children are able to buy food and drink from the tuck trolley at morning break for 50p per item, or choose free fruit instead. Parents can send their children to school with an alternative healthy snack if they prefer.

Find out more and see lunch menus at   Jacket Potatoes with Cheese or Beans available as an alternative every day but must be ordered in advance.


Afternoon routine:

School finishes at 3.15pm.

KS1 children will leave via their classroom door onto the playground. Staff will only let them leave with a parent, or otherwise with another adult if school have been notified in advance.

KS2 children will leave via the two doors at the side of school by the garden area.

On Fridays, KS2 children have PE all afternoon and will leave from the school hall directly onto the playground.


Wrap around care:

We offer a breakfast club run by PH Sports Coaching from 7.45am at £3 per child. See booking form here.

After school care until 6pm is available at the ZAC (Zeals After School Club). A bus service operates from Mere School. They have a Facebook page here or call 01747 840077.  Mere Preschool also offer after school care until 5.15pm, for  information on the sessions they provide call 01747 863337 or email  More information on the preschool can be found on their website.



The children are taught in mixed year groups in key stage 1 and in single year groups in key stage 2. You can often have a quick word with staff on the door in the morning or afternoon. However, for longer discussions please arrange an appointment through the office, or you can email the class teacher at these addresses: - Reception class, Mrs McClelland - Reception / Year 1, Mrs Taverner  - Year 1 / Year 2, Mrs Edgar and Mrs Wilson - Year 2, Mr Rich - Year 3, Mrs Schofield - Year 4, Mrs Shannon  Year 5, Miss Beckwith  Year 6, Mrs Loxton


Class parents:

Each class has one or two class parents who help organise volunteer readers etc. They also regularly meet with Mrs Williamson to discuss suggestions and ideas from parents, and any minor concerns. Please contact them if you would like to raise any points for discussion.

Blue – Mrs Mole and Miss Glendenning

Yellow – Ms Cox and Mrs Woodley-Cadey

Silver – Mrs Bennett and Mrs Riddick

Gold – Mrs Ings and Mrs Elliot

Green – Mrs Rich and Mrs Dimmock

Red – Mrs Graddock and Mrs Tibbit

Purple  - Mrs Gray and Mrs Dimmock


Friends of Mere School:

Our PTA are a friendly group of parents who work hard to raise money and organise social events. You can find out more here.


Facebook Group:

We have a very useful Facebook page for parents here - you will quickly get answers from other parents to most queries, and can find out just about anything you need to know about the school and the surrounding area!