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Life cycles - hatching eggs.

The eggs in the incubator. They should take 3 weeks to hatch, so hopefully Monday 9th May yes

Chick update.

The chicks continue to grow. They are staring to grow feathers, once they have them all they can come off the heat lamp and go outside. 

Half term update on chicks

I have had to move the chicks as the were making too much mess inside!  I have put them into a small run in my utility room, they still need to be under the heat lamp for at least another week. The bungees are to stop them falling off the top! Hopefully they will enjoy having more space. They also have a proper drinker and food trough now - they are growing up!


The chicks have moved outside now. They are fully feathered so no longer need the heat lamp. They where a bit unsure about the grass to begin with but soon enjoyed all the outside space and new things to explore.

Animals and their habitats.

Local habitats - the pond

Discovering different habitats and the animals that live in them.

Finding out what is alive, dead or has never lived.

Planting runner bean seeds in jars so we can watch them grow (fingers crossed)!

Animals, including humans.

We learnt that animals can be grouped according to some characteristics they have. 

Learning that animals and humans have babies, and that the babies don,t always look like the grown up.

Learning about the Eatwell Plate, and how to eat a balanced, healthy diet.

Finding out what animals and humans need to survive


Winter Walk

We went outside to looks for signs of Winter. We spotted deciduous and evergreen trees and some winter flowering plants. We also saw buds, hopefully a sign that Spring is on its way.

Results from our experiment to see what a plant needs to grow

We have planted seeds and bulbs so we can watch them grow. We also set up an experiment to find the best conditions for seeds to grow.

This term we are learning all about Everyday Materials.

Seasonal walk

We went on an Autumnal walk. We noticed that the signs of Autumn were really clear and the colours were stunning.






Investigating materials

Observing seasonal changes

Investigating if solid materials can change shape