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Yellow - Year 1

Welcome to Yellow Class!

We have been spending lots of time in the garden. We have explored the plants and sown seeds this week.

 Summer Term

Welcome back to the Summer Term.  We are planning lots of exciting learning this term.  Our theme is ‘Food’  and we shall be learning about where our food comes from as well as growing vegetables and flowers in our garden.  In history we shall look at how people farmed in the past and in geography we shall be learning about food from different countries.   Our science topic is ‘Plants’ so that will fit well with our topic and we shall be visiting the Environmental Education centre at Carymoor to learn even more about plants.  Our art will include studying Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Work called The Seasons  and Frida Kahlo’s colourful self portraits which are often full of flowers.  Our role play areas will be made into Farm Shop and Cafe and outside there will be a Garden Centre.

We learn a poem a week in Yellow Class

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Spring Term

We shall be going on lots of journeys this term.! We start off by Going on a Bear Hunt then travel to the moon with the story Whatever Next.  There will be a visit to outer space in the Wonderdome then we shall be learning about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Later on in the term we shall be learning about transport in the past and visiting Haynes Motor Museum.  Our theme in our PSHE lessons will be learning about people who help us and thinking about how we learn.  Friendships will be highlighted in our RE lessons when we shall be thinking about the stories of Jesus. Our Science lessons include learning about the changing seasons and learning about materials and their uses.  This will link with our DT lessons and our Art lessons when we shall be making boats and studying the famous artist Turner.  Sounds like we shall be having lots of fun!

We had an amazing day at Haynes International Motor Museum.   We learnt about the oldest car invented by Karl Benz as well as learning about Henry Ford who later, invented the production line to speed up the manufacture of car production.   We were able to get into lots of cars and bikes and had lots of fun in the play area.

Talk 4 Writing. The First Moon Landing

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Curt was our presenter in the Space Dome.   We flew through the Solar System with him visiting distant planets.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

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We had fun changing the story.

We had great fun walking along Burton Path to visit a pumpkin patch