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Purple - Year 6

Welcome to Purple Class


The summer term in Year 6 is a

rollercoaster ride .

Hang on in there - enjoy the challenges and reap the benefits. 




Mrs Loxton and Mrs Read




Pencelli 2022!

Our Blog-written by us!

This year Purple Class have decided to write their own blog telling you all about their adventures!

Headlines From Day One!

Tunnel of Doom!

(Orange Group enjoyed crawling through a tight tunnel whilst on their Adventure Walk!)

Eliza Practices Her Ballet Moves In Tree!

Teacher V Bush

(Whilst trying to guide Mrs Cocker through a particularly overgrown gathering of trees a rogue holly bush viciously struck her. Luckily Mikey was on hand to rescue her.) 

Egg Flied Nice!

(During our Problem Solving evening Patricia, the egg, tragically died after being dropped from a great height. Even the parachute didn't save her!)

In other news...

Our Proudest Moments

Elisha managed to squeeze through some tight spaces!

Holly climbed up a muddy hill without falling down!

Edith crawled through the tunnel under the road even though to start with she was a bit nervous!








First Night Frights!

(Written by Oscar...)

Silent night...or is it?

At around 10pm all we heard was stomping, running and lights turning on!

Silent night...or is it?

(Written by Mrs Cocker...)

At around 11pm all we heard was snoring, snuffling and owls hooting!

Monday Problem Solving

Teacher Nearly Overboard!

'Alice, Alice, Alice...RIGHT!'

Alice fails to steer away from dangerous trees on epic journey down the canal.

Canoeing Capers!

'Up, Down, One, Two, Three!'

Purple Group smashes rock climbing! Children turned into ninjas as they scaled the rock face.

Rockin' the Rock Climbing!

Our Proudest Moments

Jackson's most fun moment was his splash war with Mrs Read and Mr Barry!

Ollie- "I am sort of scared of the dark but the tunnel was very dark and I managed to get through."

Bella- "Climbing to the top made me proud and trusting others to get me down."

Teacher's Get Stuck, Children Come To The Rescue!

Mrs Cocker and Mrs Read found themselves in a tight spot earlier today when they both unexpectedly became wedged in the infamous 'Letterbox!' 

Fortunately, they managed to get pulled out by their feet!


Children Successfully Conquer The Cave!

Both Mere groups experienced caving for the first time today. All of the children were able to crawl, pull, and slide their way through numerous challenges including tunnels filled with water!



Caving Capers!

Becky- My funniest moment was when Mr Barry made the window fall out by closing the door with his super strength. (He later told Pencelli to bill the school!)


Sonny- I was proud of successfully being posted through the Letterbox. 


Holly- When I started caving I told Mrs Cocker that I was terrified of the dark and today I was able to sit in total darkness with my light switched off.

Children Cause Traffic Jam on Canal!


Local residents were met by a canoe boat jam on the Brecon Canal earlier today! Fortunately, the children in the boats were able to help Mrs Cocker steer under the bridge and guide her away from the bank safely!


Instructors Amazed By Daredevil Climbers!


Mere children wowed the experienced instructors at Pencelli as they scaled the difficult rock faces of the quarry. Climbing, seemingly without fear, they reached the top of many tricky climbs.

Rock Climbing

What a brilliant time we have had Purple Class!

A huge thank you has to go to Mr Barry and Mrs Read for giving up their time to take us away.


Mrs Cocker's proudest moments!


"Purple Class you have been fantastic. You have had a go at the challenges you have been set, you have supported each other and you have shown amazing teamwork skills. You have supported everyone (including the adults!) through kindness and encouraging words. It has been an absolute pleasure to take you away." 


Below are some more photos from our week away!

Summer Term Curriculum Map

Spring Curriculum map

A naughty elf came to visit!

Snowman at night

Curriculum map

Marble Run Winners

Still image for this video
Class email
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