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Red - Year 5

Summer Is Here!


This term Red Class will be learning about Rivers. As well as finding out about the features of rivers and the role they play in the water cycle we will also be studying our local river, the River Stour.

To find out more about our Summer learning look at our topic web.


We are also looking forward to our residential visit which will hopefully take place in May. 

When we go to Pencelli we will go on many exciting adventures; learning new skills whilst working as a team.




Weekly Timetable

Summer Term Spellings

This term we will have two spelling groups.

Spelling Group One (Spelling Groups 1 and 2 from last term)

Spelling Group 2 (Spelling Group 3 from last term)


See below for spelling lists.

Visiting Winter Wonderlands With The VR Headsets

Children in Need- Messy Hair!

Our Shield Wall!

Inflatable Football

Red Class are visited by a Roman soldier!

Autumn Term Timetable