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School Council 2020-21



Red Nose Day 2021!

Friday 19th March


We have raised an amazing £175.80 so far!

Well done Mere School.


Thank you for all of your donations and all of your jokes!


Our School Council is looking very different this year.

We are not able to meet with children in different 'bubbles' and so we have had to postpone our elections and our meetings.

However we are doing what we can and joining in with as many events as we can...



Children In Need


Thank you everyone for supporting our messy hair day.

We raised £208.91

Red Class And Their Messy Hair!

Being Mindful For Sports Relief

Mere's Sleeping Challenge.


This is not a sponsored event!


Getting a good night's sleep is important for good mental health. The School council have decided to challenge you to a Digital Detox before bed.

Starting on Monday 9th March and ending on Friday 13th March, we would like you to try and give up all screen time for at least an hour before you go to bed.

Below are some suggestions about what you could do before bed instead...


1. Have a warm bath or shower

2. Read or share a book.

3.Avoid eating just before bed (a glass of water or milk is a good alternative)

4. Try something calming (like colouring)


Record how you feel in the morning and see if doing the detox makes you sleep better.



Wearing Sport's Clothes

Friday 13th March


Come to school wearing your sports clothes. The School Council will be doing a collection for Sports Relief.


Our Aims


1. To look for ways to improve the school's use of plastic and promote recycling.


2. To raise money to help local and national charities.


3. To help children who are finding playtimes difficult.


Clothing Bank

As part of our aim to become a more environmentally friendly school we have set up a recycling centre for old clothes, shoes and materials.

As well as recycling old clothes we can also use this to raise money for the school. Every fortnight the box is emptied and we get money for every kilogram collected.

In October we raised £17 for the school.

Children In Need

Thank you for all of your donations.

So far we have raised...