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Autumn Term

This half term, Silver Class have been recapping how to introduce themselves in French. 


I have used the unit called 'J'apprends le français' from the website   


We have recapped:

- 3 ways to say hello in French and which one is more appropriate in which situation (bonjour, salut, coucou)

- how to ask someone what their name is and how to say our name (comment tu t'appelles ? Je m'appelle)

- how to ask someone how they are and how to say how we feel (ça va ? - ça va bien / mal / comme ci, comme ça)

- how to count to 10

- the colours


We also start every lesson with a Bonjour song that a friend and I have recorded for them and the date.


Silver Class was very enthusiastic and try to use their new phrases whenever they have the opportunity which is lovely to hear. Well done Silver!