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At Mere School we believe all our children have the right to succeed, to have high aspirations for their future lives and develop who they are in a respectful environment. Our school ethos is firmly rooted in our school vision- 'We enjoy- we learn- we achieve'.

We are currently reviewing our PSHE and RSE curriculum to ensure that it meets the requirements of the new 2020 statutory changes. This includes a review of the progression in teaching of PSHE and the vocabulary that we would like the children to use throughout the school. This should be complete by July 2020.

PSHE Policy
Physical, Social and Health Education and Citizenship is designed to allow children to increase their understanding of themselves, their relationships and the world around them and to equip them to deal with the challenges and issues which they will face as they grow up.
The 2014 national Curriculum framework states that all schools should make provision for PSHE, drawing on good practice. The PSHE Association underlines the importance of schools developing PSHE that is relevant to their pupils and helps them to develop the essential skills and attributes needed


At Mere school we will seek to use PSHE education to ensure our children have an education that makes provision for their safety and well being within the school day and the wider world. This includes understanding British values and what it means to be British, drug education, financial education, sex and relationship education (SRE) and the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle.


To promote the spiritual, moral, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and in society and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

To provide pupils with accurate information regarding health related matters, to help them clarify the attitudes and values, which influence health choices.

To allow pupils to learn and be proud of their achievements by raising their self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

To prepare pupils for the physical and emotional challenges of growing up.

To develop skills in personal relationships, self-esteem, assertiveness, decision-making and problem solving.

To develop a growing understanding of risk and safety and the skills which they require to make themselves safe.


PSHE at Mere School.

PSHE at Mere School. 1 Our whole school golden rules.
PSHE at Mere School. 2 Community links - The Rosemary Goddard Centre
PSHE at Mere School. 3 Community links - The Rosemary Goddard Centre
PSHE at Mere School. 4 The Life Bus
PSHE at Mere School. 5 Community links- CO-OP
PSHE at Mere School. 6 caring for our environment
PSHE at Mere School. 7 Our celebration cake.
PSHE at Mere School. 8 The Queen's 60th Jubillee celebration lunch
PSHE at Mere School. 9 The whole school gets together to celebrate.
PSHE at Mere School. 10 British Values: Celebrating our Queen
PSHE at Mere School. 11 The rule of law and individual liberty.
PSHE at Mere School. 12 The British Royal Family Tree
PSHE at Mere School. 13 The rule of law and our golden rules.
PSHE at Mere School. 14 British values : We show mutual respect.
PSHE at Mere School. 15 British Values : Jack plays the Last post
PSHE at Mere School. 16 British values : yellow Class lay their poppies.
PSHE at Mere School. 17 British values: Yellow Class lay their poppies
PSHE at Mere School. 18 British Values: Yellow Class remember
PSHE at Mere School. 19 Keeping Safe : Year 6 takes part in Bikeability
PSHE at Mere School. 20 Year 1 learning to keep safe
PSHE at Mere School. 21 Year 1 keep safe on the roads
PSHE at Mere School. 22 Year 1 and 2 learn safety skills
PSHE at Mere School. 23 Year 1 and 2 learn safety skills
PSHE at Mere School. 24 Keeping safe in Year 2 - Fire safety
PSHE at Mere School. 25 British values : Yellow Class show respect.
PSHE at Mere School. 26 Yellow class show respect
PSHE at Mere School. 27 Yellow Class show respect.
PSHE at Mere School. 28 Yellow Class show respect.
PSHE at Mere School. 29 Yellow class show respect.
PSHE at Mere School. 30 yellow Class show respect.

British values Learning Walk

British values Learning Walk 1
British values Learning Walk 2
British values Learning Walk 3
British values Learning Walk 4
British values Learning Walk 5
British values Learning Walk 6
British values Learning Walk 7
British values Learning Walk 8
British values Learning Walk 9
British values Learning Walk 10
British values Learning Walk 11
British values Learning Walk 12
British values Learning Walk 13
British values Learning Walk 14
British values Learning Walk 15
British values Learning Walk 16
British values Learning Walk 17
British values Learning Walk 18
British values Learning Walk 19
British values Learning Walk 20
British values Learning Walk 21
British values Learning Walk 22

English Day

English Day 1
English Day 2
English Day 3
English Day 4
English Day 5
English Day 6
English Day 7
English Day 8
English Day 9

The British National Anthem

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The School Council ran an anti bullying competition.

The School Council ran an anti bullying competition. 1
The School Council ran an anti bullying competition. 2
The School Council ran an anti bullying competition. 3
The School Council ran an anti bullying competition. 4



Teachers spent a very useful Teacher Development Day updating Child Safeguarding with Sylvia Hailstone who is a Child Protection & Safeguarding Trainer for Schools.


Below is some information that could be supportive to parents as well as being used in school.


NSPCC Schools Service

Resources for parents and schools



The PANTS campaign for KS1 which helps children identify their body parts and learn how to stay safe. This is aimed at keeping children safe from sexual abuse without mentioning the word 'sex'. Each line of PANTS covers a different part of the underwear rule and provides simple but valuable lessons that can keep a child safe.


Share Aware for KS2

The Share Aware campaign aims to help parents and teachers keep children safe online. This campaign includes two animations with a serious message deriving from the stories of two children who share too much about themselves on-line. For more information and to view the resources visit


NSPCC-02 adult helpline

The NSPCC-02 partnership has been developed to provide people with expert advice on keeping children safe online. It will be available through our website, a new online safety helpline for parents and from trained staff in O2 stores. The helpline is available on: 0808 800 5002 or visit the NSPCC website for more information on


An on- line magazine for parents:


 NSPCC Share aware


A guide “What parents need to know to help keep your child safe wherever and whenever they go online.”





YEAR 1 have finding out about how to keep safe on-line. They made badges and posters to take home to share with their families.

YEAR 1 have finding out about how to keep safe on-line. They made badges and posters to take home to share with their families. 1

One day Creative came to school to run workshops to support children in keeping safe when using the internet at school and home.

Playing online games can be so much fun, with wonderful worlds to explore and cool characters to meet, but what would happen if you could enter the game for real? The children had lots of fun dressing up as fairy tale characters in a game and deciding what was safe and when to stop and get help.


Year 1

Ollie: I learnt about being safe on the internet.


Reuben: I learnt not to tell people your password


Eva : I really enjoyed watching it and learnt how to stay safe on the internet.


Emily : I don’t tell Mummy’s and Daddy’s telephone number


Year 2

Jess and Ellie : We liked it when we had the detective buzzer. We had to spot if something was about to go wrong.


Ella : We learnt how to stay safe on the internet at home and at school.


Phillip :Callum told us about not sharing personal information, our address and passwords.


Year 3


Hailie It gave us good information to keep safe on the internet


Sean : It was a fun way to learn about being safe on the internet.


Ashleigh : I enjoyed seeing my friends dress up and act out how to keep safe.

Other useful sites for on- line safety

Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC in schools