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Mere School Curriculum Statement 

At Mere School we believe all our children have the right to succeed, to have high aspirations for their future lives and develop who they are in a respectful and caring environment. Our school ethos is firmly rooted in our school vision - 'We enjoy - we learn - we achieve'. 

RE at Mere 


At Mere School RE is taught discretely, but it also forms the basis for much of our cross curricular work and school ethos. Where possible RE is linked to our topics, circle time and PSHE so that children are able to gain a practical understanding of world religions and how people of faith demonstrate their core values in every day living.


We believe that RE should be taught with respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs, thus ensuring that fundamental British values are shared. 

The 2014 National Curriculum does not include a framework for RE but we do follow the Wiltshire 2011 Scheme of RE to ensure that we provide a rich, thought provoking and relevant learning experience. To support teachers in the planning of the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus we now use the Discovery RE scheme of work. 

Our daily assemblies are held in key stages on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, but the whole school family comes together on Wednesday and Friday. We warmly welcome visitors from St Michael's Church who have been regular contributors.

Further links are made with St Michael's Church through Governor representatives, class visits, regular 'Open the Book' Bible story afternoons and our annual Christmas Carol  and Easter Services.

RE 2018 - 2019


Autumn Term

The children have had a busy term of learning in RE. They have been looking at how it feels to belong to a community, symbols and signs of worship in local churches and what the stories Jesus told taught Christians. In other faiths the children have found out about the festival of Diwali, Hindu gods, Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi. 


Children from Blue, Yellow and Silver class also visited the Nativity exhibition at Gillingham Methodist Church. During the visit they experienced hands on the story of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. 


Finally the younger children have continued to have stories told to them about Jesus during their Open the Book sessions.



Picture 1
2016 - 2017

Advent Workshop 

On the first day of Advent Reverend Carol and volunteers from St Michael's Church came in to help us learn about the Christmas story and the meaning of Advent. The children were told the nativity story through the use of a an RE story sack and then created advent wreaths in their own classes. Several children from each class also created large collages that will be displayed in the church over the Christmas period. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Reverend Carol, Christine Marsh and all the volunteers for giving up their time. The children had a fantastic day.

Yellow and Silver Class learning about the Christmas story at the Methodist Church In Gillingham .

Font Display St Michael's Church Flower Festival

Font Display St Michael's Church Flower Festival 1
Font Display St Michael's Church Flower Festival 2
Children in Gold Class made flower garlands for St Michael's church in Mere as part of the Mere town flower festival. 

RE 2015/2016



This Easter the volunteers of St Michael's Church came in once again to work with the children. They helped the children make small stain glass windows and then worked with a small group across the age range to create an Easter garden to display in the church.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Angel Workshop

Angel Workshop 1 Blue Class getting messy and having fun.
Angel Workshop 2 Yellow Class decorating their angel.
Angel Workshop 3 Silver Class Planning the design of their angel.
Angel Workshop 4 Purple class using different ideas to decorate.
Angel Workshop 5 Gold class making their angel.
Angel Workshop 6 Red Class using different materials.
Angel Workshop 7 Rev. Carol.
Angel Workshop 8 The finished angels and helpers.
Angel Workshop 9 Green Class enjoying making their angel.

One World Week 2015. Our prayer station in St Michael's Church

One World Week 2015. Our prayer station in St Michael's Church 1 Environment - One World Prayer Station
One World Week 2015. Our prayer station in St Michael's Church 2 Prayer Station Meditation
Picture 1

Stained Glass Windows in Year 4

Stained Glass Windows in Year 4 1
Picture 1 Open the book storytime
Picture 2 Taking Part in One World Week
Picture 3 Making Joseph's Coat
Picture 4 Taking Part in One World Week
Picture 5 Taking Part in One World Week
Picture 6 Taking Part in One World Week
Picture 7 Making Joseph's Coat
Picture 8 Making Joseph's Coat
Picture 9 Making Joseph's Coat
Picture 10 Taking Part in One World Week
Picture 11 Green Class thought about what God is like.
Picture 12 Sikhism Display in Purple
Picture 13 Sikhism Display in Purple
Picture 14 Scheme of Work - New Wiltshire Scheme
Picture 15
Picture 16 Caring Hands in Silver Class
Picture 17 Mosque models
Picture 18

Christingle Workshop 2017