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Non chronological report about Antarctica

Over the last two weeks, Gold Class have been exploring Antarctica in English class, aiming to write non-chronological reports. We discovered some cool facts about Antarctica in this video and learned the skills of effective note-taking. In groups, the children used sentence opener mats to write interesting sentences. We shared our sentences on post-it notes displayed on the whiteboard. When needed, we improved them as a class. The students came up with great sentences, and now they're all set for their final pieces that will be proudly displayed in our classrooms laugh

Our non-chronological reports

The children enjoyed writing their non-chronological reports and sharing all the amazing facts they've learnt in this unit. After the hot write, we had a look at what went well and what could be improved. We then polished our work and copied it neatly for the display and TADA! Don't they look great? laugh