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Pen Pal Project Part II

Learning about Pessa'h

mardi 16 avril 2024


On our last Zoom call with our friends, we learned about a Jewish holiday called Pessa'h. Maitresse Anna and her class explained to us that this holiday is to celebrate the Israelites exodus from Egypt, the freedom from slavery. The children told us that they celebrated it with their families and that they loved this holiday (but their favourite is Hanukkah! smiley)

We also learned that on Pessa'h, the only bread allowed is matzah, which is an unleavened bread. This food symoblises the fact that the Jews did not have time to bake the bread when fleeing Egypt.


Anna and her class are now on holiday. We will see them again on May 1st and we cannot wait! We are starting an exciting literary project based on the book The Eye of the Wolf by French author Daniel Pennac.