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Et voilà ! Les petits chefs de Gold Class ont fait des crêpes, JUSTE COMME IL FAUT ! laugh

Ham sandwich making and pancake tasting!

This week, Gold Class have been making ham sandwiches as part of our new English unit on Recipes. They learned the importance of giving concise and precise instructions to each other. They had a go at writing their own ham sandwich recipe in their English book and the outcome was great! I was really pleased. 


On Wednesday, we watched a video in which we identified all of the features of a recipe. The children thought the cupcakes looked so delicious, they wanted me to upload the link so they could make them at home. So here it is: Delicious cupcakes - Mary Berry Everyday: Episode 6 Preview - BBC Two - YouTube 

Parents, could you please email us the photos of your cupcakes if you make them at home? 


This topic fits in well with our DT unit this term, which is cooking! On our Class Celebration afternoon on Wednesday, we have been tasting different sorts of pancakes and described their smell and texture. We will be making our own in the next few weeks, using my 'crêpe party' machine. smiley


Finally, we are currently reading Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles in Gold Class (see picture below). I am using a unit of work found on EdShed and I have adapted it for our class. I chose this book because it takes place in Paris and I thought it would be a great way to share a little bit of my culture with the class. They always have so many questions about France. Today, as I was reading the book in Whole Class Guided Reading, Samuel recognised MontMartre on one of the illustrations! Rosie suggested renaming our tables with the names of the characters from the book so our four groups are now going to be called: Camembert, Langoustine, Madeleine et Pamplemousse. Merci Rosie !